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Meanwhile in the States…

Better with the sound on.

12 thoughts on “Meanwhile in the States…

  1. Looks like someone from WG console office decided to makes run for it

  2. I’ve seen this on the news. Reminds me of someone who drove an M60A3 Patton on the streets of San Diego and went on a destructive rampage.

  3. While I usually have no use for Fox News this article provides some more background on the guy; yeah, drugs were involved:

  4. WG NA new EULA delivery service

  5. Great. Now WG has a new idea for a premium tank.

    1. you are mistaken, it will be a fun mode, like with the Chaffee but with M577 on a dragstrip

      1. I think they should do something like this, where you are running from police but include jumps, etc.

  6. seems like someone does not agree with the US “donating” those M577 command vehicles to the Brazilian Army

    1. Nice to see you here. 😊

  7. Hey LT, can you stop by the package store n pick up some more booze? Grats!

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