Supertest: 53TP Markowskiego Polish Tier VIII Heavy Tank


And as expected the Polish tier VIII has hit the Supertest. This English version of the stats and pics is from the EU forums. We also have extra pics from WoT Express.

11 comments on “Supertest: 53TP Markowskiego Polish Tier VIII Heavy Tank

  1. Zorin says:

    Seems reasonably balanced

  2. HelloThere says:

    The tank looks like an RU-251 on steroids

  3. Anonymous says:

    Frontally it reminds me a T28 Prototype

  4. Eizergue says:

    Seems under armored for the view range and mobility it have.

  5. ROMBAT says:

    Just a retard radio range…it suppose to be a bully but it doesn,t have the armor to do it.

  6. Heinz says:

    i dont understand why 1) a supposed super heavy tank has 14 hp/ton, 2) alpha damage and penetration is inflating so much. just stop this WG, you cant just make new tanks better and 3 years later buff the old tanks as well.

  7. Dezmon says:

    looks like medium, stats like medium this cant be heavy

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