8 comments on “Polish Tier 8 & 9 Stats

  1. Morganator says:

    Are you shitting me with the dispersion soft stats on the Tier 8? Same fucking shit as with the IS 7: “Oh it has bad aim time so its balanced in the gun department justifying the op armor and mobility package while in reality i can snapshot better than most mediums” Fucking joke with these invisible stats

    • Infernal969 says:

      So tier VIII is IS-3 with no armor but better gun depression. Meh.

      Tier IX looks way better and more fun than tier X. But playing tier X gives cancer, so who cares.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So the tier 9 will have pretty much have the same fun as the is7 except with better alpha? WG must be toking on some stronk shit

  3. Bop says:

    Turret traverse limit at 8 degrees? perhaps it’s supposed to say ‘gun elevation’?

  4. firaksy says:

    i don’t like poland so i think it’s good

  5. Anonymous says:

    WarGaming is totally Clueless! I downloaded War Thunder last night…. Ill see how that goes.


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