44 comments on “Excalibur Gameplay trailer and Dev Update

  1. sturmi0545 says:

    unexpected. this could be really bad for AW.

    • sturmi0545 says:

      unless WG goes full WG on this, too.

      • wolvenworks says:

        i’m in AW for the PVE, so unless WG does this so well (highly unlikely), i think i’d be more likely to end up playing both to some capacity

      • Pangzhu says:

        the PVE in AW is so bad, is getting worse with every consecutive patch, that i dont think it would be hard to do it better if wg wanted. i doubt they will though, since they have not even really tried it in wot.

        i think this looks promising, but i dont get, why they dont keep at least the battle interface and hud closer to wot. really cant by arsed to learn an entirely new game. would have been nicer if this were basically a choice addon for wot, where you have the same game, but with modern vehicles and of course not tier 8-10 fighting modern vehicles.

    • avalon304 says:

      It could be bad for a dead game? How could it get any worse for AW? AW is super dead.

    • Apache1990 says:

      I don’t see how this could hurt AW at all.

      Can’t lose players that you don’t have to begin with, :P.

    • TovarishTony says:

      You can add the high tiers from War Thunder on this.

  2. sturmi0545 says:

    is this the reason why WoT isn’t getting any love anymore?

    • StandupPhilosopher says:

      wtf, it gets better grafics a moth ago….

    • Anonymous says:

      no, they will have a separate team working on this

    • wolvenworks says:

      IMHO it’s more of that there’s so many old and dated things in WoT (eg; gold shells) that it’s hard to improve on certain things without causing either a rubicon-grade shitstorm, or alienating players with calculator PCs because suddenly their rig is even more outdated to run WoT

      • Dracon says:

        Updating WoT is a SLOW process, because there are SO MANY dated and wrong things in WoT. its going to take WG a WHILE to fix it all. Right now, supposidely, they are working on the gold ammo situation. And match making of course with the pref match making tank changes, starting with KV-5. [We all know they will NEVER put 5/10 MMing as the primary. blech]

      • wolvenworks says:

        yep. and unfortunately they never really took the chance to address the issue earlier than now, so now they need to do it in a manner that doesn’t somehow turn RU+EU into the biggest shitshow in the western world since WW2

  3. Anonymous says:

    So is this their WoT 2.0 they teased a year or two ago?

  4. After playing Heliborne it is impressive how most other games that try to incorporate them feel wrong. Also somewhat expecting this game to become the next Armored Warfare (in that it will probably just fail and die).

  5. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    AW + Heli – seems promising, but adding Helis to AW is also possible.
    If there will be WoT like RNG, it will be at best WoWS like “success”, but rather AW/WoWP like failure.

  6. leppy74 says:

    It will fail like AW did because WG will listen to their testers and then do their own thing , just like Obsidian did.
    AW was real fun in Alpha , now look at it.

    • mredweird says:

      AW is much better than it was in Alpha, what are you on about?

    • It looks like it does now not because of Obsidian, but because Mail.RU got rid of Obsidian because they wanted a WoT clone and were tired of all the other stuff and the time it took to get it done. Well they are paying for it now. Some day soon, I hope, AW will actually learn a thing or two and come back strong. Probably not, but still hoping.

    • Zonda says:

      mail.RU kicked Obisdian a long time ago, what we saw in the Alpha was Obsidian’s work and their vision was making a great game and the Alpha was just the beginning but mail.RU had other plans, which are taking a piece of the massive profit that wg are getting from the market that’s why armoured warfare looked like an almost exact copy of wot but with modern tanks and thats why they kicked out Obsidian.

    • Celtic says:

      The intention for AW WAS to look and feel like WoT so the transition would be smoother. Obsidian was going to mold and make it stand-alone from there with truck loads of content. Mail.RU didn’t want that… they wanted a modern day WoT for a little effort as possible to milk what they could. That’s why it’s so dead now… it’s not suppose to get love. They throw in things but other than that its a dead server with a multitude of reskinned premiums.

  7. wtfcaniuse says:

    Looks like stupid arcade style gameplay. I have zero interest in this.

  8. Robopon says:

    Relax, guys. WG Seattle was developing Excalibur and they closed down not too long ago. 99% chance that the project is dead.

  9. lukas93h says:

    So the kept the Chieftain for this one… filthy little buggers.

  10. Toodlepip says:

    Wargaming Seattle … yeah right. I feel sorry for the guys, Gas Powered Games used to be a good studio.

  11. BJOHEI says:

    Possibly just the translator fking up, but does this not say that the project is terminated since WGSeattle is dead, and this was just merely an idea/project? https://vk.com/wall-70226354_1290862

  12. Anonymous says:

    So instead of bringing higher Tiers in wot and actually improve this shi* game, they make a new game so they can milk more money from it or do I understand it wrong?

  13. Peregrine101 says:

    Armored Warfare is down the hill since the split with Obsidian and the total reset they did just before that. I never got into the grind there, since then. I play it a lot less lately. If WG pull this off, I expect helicopters to make an appearance in AW, too. AFAIK Obsidian was cut of AW for trying to make it a game on its own, not a WoT clone with modern tanks. Now it seems WG is trying bring the fight into their arena.

  14. Pangzhu says:

    and why does the game have helicopters in it?..

  15. sturmi0545 says:

    Instead of doing a separate game, I’d wish this would be an extension of WoT, giving us tier XI and above … plus choppers. Doing a seperate game of the same type might divide the playerbase too much.

    at least combine WoT and PE in one launcher and garage!

  16. XM177E4 says:

    Add in a working cooperative PVE mode and I’ll fucking come over to test the waters here!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just gonna say it, not looking forward to this one. This game coming from any developer out there, would be a nice change. From Wargaming, not looking very promising. I can already see some issues even just from this early gameplay trailer. Problem No.1, helicopter in tank game? Problem No.2, it’s the same tiered system, same grind, probably same +2/-2 MM, probably even the same MM system. 7 years passed, MM is still a issue in WoT, I don’t see how they suddenly become capable of solving this issue. Premium stuff is probably still gonna be a thing, don’t think economy is gonna work any differently, so we all know what’s gonna happen.

    I probably gonna try this game a bit when it actually become available. Probably not gonna spend much time on it, going through that grind again. Definitely not paying a penny for this.

  18. #nonononononojustnonononono says:

    T-72/80/90/XY (which one doesn’t matter) series just beat an Abrams frontally so you know the game will be “balanced”…..

  19. TovarishTony says:

    I guess now War Thunder has to step up their game as well where they should add modern maps not just tanks like playing in a WWII map on a post war tank is ridiculous. Also Gaijin needs to ease on the module grind on the high tiers as they continue to add more vehicles.

  20. MTG says:

    i have one question: premium time shared or separated?

  21. Anonymous says:

    My body is ready.

  22. NiceTry says:

    The video showing all these modern units fighting only at point blank range is a bit silly – maybe even more arcade fake than WoT.


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