20 comments on “Firefly VC Stats

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Oh, look, another premium that is way better than the tech tree counterpart. Truly E-Sports worthy game.

    • Morganator says:

      At least the tech tree counterpart is shit so how good and op/gamebreaking can this be …

    • leppy74 says:

      It is better, but it’s still crap.

    • avalon304 says:

      Way better? Not even close. Maginally better DPM and gun handling for marginally worse power to weight and effective traverse rates com pared to a tech tree firefly:


      It is at worst marginally better, if you dont care about mobility stats… otherwise its just slightly different than the tech tree firefly.

      • Infernal969 says:

        I don’t think you understand what a difference those gun soft stats mean.
        It’s better. It’s another p2w tank and this game is a joke.

      • avalon304 says:

        I understand probably better than you. Those changes are so incredibly minor that they dont actually matter.

      • Infernal969 says:

        The amout of difference in gun handling is the same as between T-54 and T-62A.
        I guess they handle exactly the same, eh? Just a minor difference? Thanks for clearing that up, Mr I Pretend To Know Better.
        But hey, the vehicle will be slightly slower uphill, so it’s balanced, da?

    • GetAClueStopWhining says:

      “way better”? No, not way better at all. Got some exaggeration with your whine I guess… The VC is a very middle of the road tier 6 MT.

      • Anonymous says:

        He sounds VERY salty about a tier 6 prem

      • Infernal969 says:

        I’m pointing out that WG is still going the p2w direction, but you’d rather be a WG shill.
        What do you get from that? A cookie? Or a paycheck?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fuck off wg this was the model everyone requested for the regular tech tree and you selling this now as a prem…

    • GetAClueStopWhining says:

      sell your techtree Firefly and play this instead with a better crew and earn more XP/Creds. Yeah, just horrible…

    • ragoll says:

      I don’t know, what you requested, but I didn’t request a faulty tank model with an unextended turret. Instead of the extension for the radio / counterweight it got a toolbox only and not even a hitzone like on the Ic. This is not a firefly tank.

  3. Sandor Nagy says:

    WG rep: “..as you all know, You can’t have the same tank twice on your account” … WG league player: “Unless Wargaming repaints it…” …. awkward silence by WG staff… (Black Friday reference)

  4. Mike-T 2016 says:

    its goes 40kph and its gun dpm is 10% higher
    also it prints credits and trains crews, the 40kph speed and stupidly low engine hp do ruin this tank its far to slow

    shame that there is the Cromwell B
    that is a lovely fun tank

  5. Sandor Nagy says:

    You cannot have the same tank twice guys! Unless it is repainted … 😀

  6. Blackhorse_Six_ says:

    Lends a little bit of hope for the M36B1 ….

  7. James K says:

    some people cry a damn river…. its a game and a company…. if you dint like it take your money elsewhere.
    I guess we need those years to keep the grass green!

  8. sturmi0545 says:

    already available in the prem shop unannounced.
    Please do not buy if you are not ok with WG’s PMM plans and want to take measures to let them know. The tank will be on sale some time later again anyway. So let WG work for their money and wait until the future of PMM tanks is certain.

  9. RedShocktrooper says:

    How does this compare to other Tier 6 tanks, i.e. Cromwell, M4A3E8, T-34-85 and Strv 74, as opposed to the pretty meh by default Firefly?


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