6 comments on “Polish 60TP Stats

  1. Anonymous anon says:

    The gun barrel looks so ridiculous. if i ever grind this thing i will mod it to half length

  2. Zorin says:

    Still has the durp HE

  3. Benjeeh_CA says:

    It looks like a is4 conqueror love child

  4. Walter says:

    The stats are very similar to the T110E4 except its just better. The 60TP has the same DPM, speed and accuracy but two times more armour, more HP, more shell velocity, more gun depression. The only thing that E4 has going for it is 40mm more pen.

    Overall i don’t think this tank will be completely overpowered but it continues the list of new vehicles that are just better than the existing ones.

    Shouldn’t a TD be more accurate with more DPM than a heavy?



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