In Supertest Polish Tier V 25TP KSUST II PT 2


Various Russian blogs came out with screen caps of the fuller stats. We combined them all into one image with English overlays on the relevent Russian captions. The first group is the combined image with two of the source images and tech tree.

More in the wild images but now with textures and emblems. Click image for full size slideshow.

Sources WoT Express and WoT Leaks.

11 comments on “In Supertest Polish Tier V 25TP KSUST II PT 2

  1. DickherMax says:

    AMX 40 bigger brother. The Big Duck

  2. wolvenworks says:

    this is…regular line? but 10 hp/t for a med…so slow! the gun performance looks promising tho: 135 pen is HUGE, considering that KV1’s 85mm gun has only 120mm pen. with that reload tho, this is a sniper tank. get the feeling that a lot of players are gonna get vocal about it if they could

    • Tarastir says:

      10hp/t is with the stock engine, which has 300hp. Top engine has 500hp.

      • wheeledtank says:

        Except for some reason, the 300hp engine is the upgraded one…

        How that’s even remotely an upgrade, who even knows

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s because whatever genius took the screenshots he had the stock engine mounted. Hell knows about the other modules. These stats are useless.

  3. BringFreedom says:

    New tanks again
    I’ve been played 4 years
    and still don’t have obj140
    just playing favorite tanks is a good idea

  4. abusemtex says:

    D1ck tonk surpassed by double d1ck tonk.

  5. Anonymous says:

    this thing is basically a slightly better chi-nu

  6. Anonymous says:

    wait, 28% camo when stationary? now thats the real meme here

    also, run stock pom pom gun with full gold ftw

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