Mighty Jingles for WOWs Commander



World of Warships has started a Community Contributor contest called The Ring and the winner will have his face featured as a World of Warships Commander.

Well, I obviously don’t see any winner other than the one and only, our mighty glorious sea gnome and overlord The Mighty Jingles!

To all respect to other contestants but Jingles is the perfect candidate, he has served in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy for 22 years, he’s old, he has a handsome sailor beard and his own sailor hats!

In order to support our Rear Admiral, all you need to do is watch his contest entry, press like and drop (if not spam) a comment in his video!

Thank you, everyone, that wishes to support him and a bonus picture:

11 comments on “Mighty Jingles for WOWs Commander

  1. sefhyro says:

    i would rather have jingles in any other game then in any of wargaming franchise, like fractured space for example…

  2. Anonymous says:

    That game is still Alive?

  3. Anonymous says:

    reither have a bether wow community contributer as commander

  4. Wothax says:

    As jingles as commander do we get you as the figerhead at the front of ship and boo walking the deck like the steven sagal easteregg?

  5. Marundiir says:

    There’s really no competition at all. XD

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are there any other candidates. Surely not. Go for it Jingles.

  7. iPodge says:

    For some weird reason i now have a craving for fish fingers….

  8. I kinda like his photobomb style though… 😉

  9. Steven Woolham says:

    Thats the worst full set I’ve seen in my life, as your new Joss you can shave it off Jingles or 1st Lts table Monday morning, and that means under nourishment and stoppage of peas!

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