Happy Birthday to Yuri Pasholok



Just to embarrass him, I want to publicly wish Yuri Pasholok a happy birthday!

Yuri P. Has been for many years now a Historic Consultant for Wargaming.net and he has been involved in multiple armour restoration works and is also the author of some very decent books out there on the shelves which I do definitely recommend to buy!


My T-60’s Copy.

Hoping you have lots of love and happiness for many coming years!



5 comments on “Happy Birthday to Yuri Pasholok

  1. erwin0859 says:

    Happy birthday Yuri ! 😀

  2. Zack says:

    Many happy returns of the day, Comrad Yuri Pasholok…!

  3. Marundiir says:

    Happy Birthday Yuri!

  4. wolvenworks says:

    happy bday Yuri!

    now if only i have a free gold bar around so i can actually afford to import books for once…blame the indonesian customs guys for making customs so expensive

  5. OllieCromwell says:

    Happy Beerday Yuri …. Have a good one 🙂


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