Kharkov Redesign from scratch


The Kharkov map is back in supertest but as all the attempted redesigns failed to improve balance over the original map they have been abandoned. The map in testing now is being designed from scratch. We have for you a short video and the minimap.


Source WoT Express.

4 comments on “Kharkov Redesign from scratch

  1. Anonymous says:

    Minimap looks like it could be fun

  2. Anonymous says:

    Once a trash map always a trash map. Bring back Dragon Ridge.

  3. Mike-T 2016 says:

    Played on the test server on Pilsen re-designed
    Pilsen now is far better with all tank classes having good areas to work with and its 1000 x 1000 mtrs

    Now if they can do that to the shitter map that once was Pilsen ~ why cant they do something similar to Kharkov now? or as most in my clan call it KharShit

    today WG needs to make maps that ‘not’ only suit HT’s driven by noobs across open fields,

    this new Kharkov has same problems as before
    that turretless TD’s have no place on todays maps. LT’s also struggle a lot as scouting is almost extinct now

    Its all down to well designed maps

  4. Glad they are not continuing with the redesign which included ONE WAY ROUTES (ugh).

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