World of Tanks AR Spectate


World of Tanks AR Spectate is bringing WoT content into the real world for the first time at gamescom 2018! The brand new experimental platform uses cutting edge augmented reality technology to place World of Tanks 1.0 PC content on the table in front of you. All of this running at the maximum graphics settings makes the tanks and maps look as if they were real physical objects.

5 comments on “World of Tanks AR Spectate

  1. Anonymous anon says:

    It’s pretty cool but what’s the point?

    • Shade01982 says:

      Well, I think you just said it :P.

    • Exactly. Pointless.

      Will this bring in more players? No.

      Will this sort out low tier balance and provide a more welcoming experience for new players? No.

      Will this make balance as a whole better? No.

      Will this do something about RNG? No.

      Address and balance destroying premium ammo? No.

      This is just a gimmick that does not do anything to improve gameplay.

  2. AR, VR in WOT?? no thx….. ^^

  3. I.T. says:

    This is amazing. Now I can see arty dumping on me in AR. I will probably be less upset with MM if I see it in AR. Great success!


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