28 comments on “SU-130PM Detailed Stats & Stat Comparison

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Invisible Skorpion G, because tier 8 wasn’t unplayable enough.

  2. nrnstraswa says:

    Oh great, a Soviet counterpart to the Skorp G. Just what we needed.
    Soviet bias confirmed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s kinda funny, all these people whine about these tanks being “OP” but then when i see them on live server they are very easy to deal with. Get over it and learn what aiming is whiners. WoT meta has changed since 2011, once again, get over it, this is the new meta.

    • jakub_czyli_ja says:

      Meta of power creep.

    • abusemtex says:

      Change doesn’t automatically mean “better”, you know?

    • Gruut says:

      Tanks can be OP and easy to deal with. The skorpion G already is one of the best t8 tanks, this new russian tank is just a flat upgrade in mobility, dpm, camo, alpha and pen. But it gives up a fully traversable turret.
      The skorpion is only held back by dpm and camo and this tank just gets rid of any balancing factors.

      It therefor needs a flat out nerf in mobility and dpm

  4. I just want the goddamn ISU-130!

    • StevoMS says:

      it was on sale for a while here on the ASIA server. No joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      So do I. WGNA needs to get on that. And WGEU too.

    • I got one, don’t even bother its an absolute POS. Because it was SO RARE, it has never been rebalanced or updated from its original state from 2010-2011 ish.

      It can’t pen any tier 10s, and the gold ammo has LESS PEN than the standard AP.
      It’s HIGHLY inaccurate, has no camo value, and is very sluggish mobility.

      • Nocomment says:

        Did you look at the picture at top of the page?

      • Anonymous says:

        It was rebalanced two or three years ago. U’re just too salty to know.

      • I honestly thought it must be in its original form because its THAT bad.
        The only thing that gives you a good game in it, is when the rest of your team does all the work, and that’s extremely rare in my case.

        Or you can get a match maker where you can predict the win for your team by the poor quality tanks the enemy lineup gets, but that’s even rarer than a carry team.

        Otherwise, the ISU 130 will contribute 1-2 penetrating damage hits PER BATTLE in most games. 2 will net your team contribution to about 1k dmg.

  5. Maddogatc says:

    Better than the Scorpion G in almost every way.


  6. Tristan Boileau says:

    This tank better have bad soft stats cause it lokks broken as hell

  7. Corbyn Peter Smith says:

    Skorpian G has 0.29 accuracy this has 0.34… russian bias?

    • Maddogatc says:

      Accuracy stat means nothing. Take a look at the hidden gun stats. That’s what really matters. Every one is better than the Skorpion G.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The very people complaining about this being an OP tank r the same people who don’t understand paper armor and HE shells.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh I thoroughly understand paper armor and HE mechanics. It’s another glass cannon like the skorpG.

      But for .34 accuracy it’s got ridiculous alpha.

      • Nocomment says:

        I would say closer to a T8 Grille 15 (before it was nerfed) but with much, much better camo.

      • Nocomment says:

        Not to mention a higher rate of fire to go along with the higher alpha. Also that’s Russian gun .34 accuracy meaning.around .26 withe no need to wait for the aim circle.

      • No More Money To WG says:

        What can u expect from an Russian tank, they need to relese OP eastern junk to sell, the Easterns buy everything thats from EAst, no matter the Disney stats…

  9. No More Money To WG says:

    It would be a perfect time to compair the acctualy IRL values on tanks to see, i bet the Russains are superboosted to 150% compaired to for example the IRL value of STRV 103B who have 3600 dpm in game but insane more IRL. But like allways, russians junk have to bee boosted to sell in EAST.


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