Big World of Warplanes 5th anniversary giveaway


*UPDATE* The giveaway has ended as mentioned in another post and the winners have been contacted per E-mail. Due to various requests, my future giveaways will have a proper list with the winners.


Greetings everyone,

Since World of Warplanes 5th anniversary ( November 12th) is soon upon us me and WoWp EU CM eekeeboo have decided to host a Big Giveaway on RsR.

Just click on the links below to go to the giveaways.

Spitfire VB IM


Mustang IA

BF 109 E-3

I-15BIS DM-2

Also I’ll be using this chance to let people know that we have a RsR Discord Server

For those that have an interest in Playing WoWp, join the official WoWp Discord Server

10 comments on “Big World of Warplanes 5th anniversary giveaway

  1. Dustin Buchanan says:

    Give away just for EU?

  2. Wayne Stafford says:

    NA server please and thank you.

  3. Wayne Stafford says:

    NA server please greetings from Australia

  4. My dream will come true if i have P-51 or Mustang. 🙂

  5. Ildasm says:

    Guys, I am mainly WOT player but do play WOWP time to time. Which of these planes would you recommend?

    • Mizutayio says:

      just go for all of the ones you don’t have yet, your chances are higher to win anything, and all of the planes above are nice ones.

  6. Killtech says:

    hmm, i noticed that i happen to have all those planes already. so i should probably pass this giveaway.

  7. padík Ondra says:

    EU server please
    greetings from Czech Republic
    Very nice giveaway


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