M41D Chinese Premium


Well, the M41 sure does seem to get around a lot. The Chinese tree will see the addition of this Tier 8 light tank, in reality actually serving the armed forces of Taiwan. There it had a locally produced 76mm gun and some modernization to it’s firing systems (not that most of that matters in-game, but info is info):



16 comments on “M41D Chinese Premium

  1. Anonymous says:

    The M41 is an American hoe working the international market.

  2. Rubber boas says:

    A little redundant given the type 62 and type 64, but I’ll still take it over a fucking Russian heavy

  3. mredweird says:

    Give it 380+ view range and better penetration. Then we talk.

  4. Thander_Tank says:

    175 mm of penetration is very bad, +2 MM remenber?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a LT and supposed to scout and spot, remember?

      • mredweird says:

        It’s not a LT’s job, it’s a scout’s job, and not all LT’s make good scouts. 37m view range, you aren’t spotting shit. So it needs better gun.

      • heinz says:

        lets first see how the gun dispersion is and then we can judge. the accuracy seems to be very good, if its that good on the move then it’s a well balanced premium tank for once.

      • Anonymous says:

        @mredweird Look at its speed, acceleration, and camo values. Yup still needs that extra viewrange, right?

  5. Mikosah says:

    Just like the regular bulldog, way too big and poorly camouflaged to be a good scout. And also like the regular bulldog, the gun isn’t good enough to make up for these problems. The M41-90 renders both completely obsolete.

    • Anonymous says:

      Speed and acceleration values.

      • Mikosah says:

        Often irrelevant in the current map meta, the M41-90 is already more than fast enough to fill its role well and actually has the firepower to do so respectably. As opposed to the regular bulldog that rarely has the opportunity to actually take advantage of its slight edge in mobility and even when it does, say hello to our good friends tipping and fall damage.

  6. Iron_Tsunami says:

    They should switch the MoEs for this and Type 64.

  7. A chinese bulldog… Excuse me while my anus prolapses with excitement….


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