WoT Camo: Armistice & Diversity


Some images for the newest camo patterns added to the game. Non-historical (for those who have that filter selected) and all season:






So what do you guys think? As someone who comes from the crazy world of WoT Console camo premiums, these actually don’t look to shabby, and I can appreciate them not being attached to a single tank (or costing $60….), but I can see why some would find them a bit off-putting/


Images from WoTExpress

13 comments on “WoT Camo: Armistice & Diversity

  1. Christian Thomas says:

    To bad we are not seeing these on the NA server.

  2. no blue camos anymore ?? 🙁

  3. Shorjok says:

    Diversity camo looks horrible.

  4. weegee011 says:

    Any idea how we can get our hands on these and on which servers?

  5. Iron_Tsunami says:

    “Diversity” camo? Uh-oh, cue raging gamer bros in 3… 2…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Non historical camo was a bad idea in the first place (in my humble opinion). If wargaming was looking to make more money with “add-ons,” why not sandbags, machine guns, helmets, etc.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the “Diversity” camo is available for 1,750 gold here on the Asia server where we have an ongoing special titled “Cultural Day”

    looks kinda cute imo, like an art project made by a bunch of pre-schoolers,
    too bad you cant use it with emblems and inscriptions as i would’ve put in on my FV304 with the inscription “Junior” and the “Baby on board” emblem 🙂

  8. helldix says:

    Abramses shots freedom around. Now we can relate by spreading diversity and peace with our death mechines. 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    This deversity camo is required for all Google employees… Thank you!

  10. Nameless says:

    Diversity camo… huuuuh?
    Did the SJWs get a foothold on this last stronghold?

  11. D8W2P4 says:

    While the armistice camo looks good (it could actually pass as real camo) the diversity camo looks terrible.
    Further more this is a game about WAR and WAR MACHINES the mere idea of “armistice” or “diversity” as camo names is just thematically stupid/tone deaf and reeks of someone wanting points with a group that would never give this game the time of day.


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