Update 1.3 Common Test


The second iteration of the 1.3 test server is up.

List of changes from the first test.

Corrections and improvements:

  • Improved numerous objects on the maps.
  • A number of changes have been made to the interface of the “Appearance” section.

Tech tree changes

  • UK: added reasearch path in the tech tree from Matilda to Crusader.

Additional changes on maps:

“Fishing Bay”.

  • Fixed a bug with the disappeared house in the center of the map. The house was returned to its original position.
  • Next to this house, the bushes were slightly enlarged, making them similar to the bushes in the position of the enemy team.

“Mannerheim Line”.

  • Removed new bushes in squares D8 and B9.
  • Removed bush in square B5.


3 comments on “Update 1.3 Common Test

  1. whitesample says:

    Rebalance 2.0 when???

  2. F_lanker says:

    Does this mean the IS-3A still has the drum as shown in earlier releases?

  3. wheeledtank says:

    Also not shown is that the Chinese Bulldog and the Premium Panhard are in the files now

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