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  1. WulfC says:

    So, if the WWII Panhard is going to be tier 6, the Puma would be probably tier 7, as would the AEC Mk 2 or 3.

    Germany could have the sdkfz 222 (or the 231 6-rad) at tier 4, the 231 8-rad or the 234/1 at 6, the Puma (aka sdkfz 234/2) at 7. They might even include the 234/4, a wheeled TD! Above that, not sure, the Spahpanzer Luchs is a bit too new, but there’s no technology in it making it ineligible for the game.

    Britain would have the Daimler & AEC, possibly the Saladin if that’s not a bit late. Other British a/c of WWII were all much the same, and inferior to the Daimler.

    The US would have the Greyhound, Staghound & Boarhound (although that was actually only used by the British…) plus some of the Cold War ideas.

    They’re higher tier than I thought they’d be, might be viable. But most nations don’t have any wheeled vehicles within the time & technology scale above tier 7 or 8.

  2. paul mckenzie says:

    These guys clearly don’t play their own game

    • Anonymous says:

      At least its not soviet my friend…. at least its not soviet…

      • NeM says:

        They just found graffiti scrawled on the tiles of a Moscow public baths. It shows a design of a Soviet wheeled vehicle that is better than all the other wheeled vehicles ever made. Expect it to feature on the advent calendar.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just me, or does the AML/6×6 Lynx they show actually look suspiciously like the ERC 90 lynx?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Another danger to arty. Guess WG need to buff arty HP if they want arty to survive the first 30 seconds.


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