WoT 10th Anniversary Player Rewards


Good day everyone,

So, for the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks players will be receiving various prizes based on the year they first started playing (so someone who signed up December 31 of 2014 will get the same prize as someone who signed up January 1 of 2014). Here’s the breakdown of the rewards:

1 Year
• Medal 1 year of service 
• Emblem 1 year of service 
• 1,000 bonds 
• 1,000,000 credits

2-3 Years
• Medal for the service that reflects how many years you have been playing 
• The emblem for the service that reflects how many years you have been playing 
• 3,000 bonds 
• 3,000,000 credits

4-5 YearsA9Mx3W0zllg
• Medal for the service that reflects how many years you have been playing 
• The emblem for the service that reflects how many years you have been playing 
• 4,000 bonds 
• 4,000,000 credits 
T-50-2, the Soviet Tier VI light tank

6+ Years
• Medal for the service that reflects how many years you have been playing 
• The emblem for service reflecting how many years you have been playing 
• 5,000 bonds 
• 5,000,000 credits 
T-50-2, Soviet Tier VI light tank 
• Special style for T-50-2

Alpha and Beta testers 


• Medal for service alpha 
• Medal for service beta 
• emblem for service alpha 
• emblem for the service beta 
• 5.000 bonds 
• 5,000,000 credits 
T-50-2, Soviet light tank VI-level 
• The special style for T-50-2
• Badge only for alpha and beta testers 
• Player name backgrounds in different colors – colors will be different to distinguish alpha and beta testers


Yep, the old T-50-2 is making a comeback for you lot who remember when it was still in the game. I for one look forward to all of the replays of the thing having a go with the new(ish) in-game physics.

41 comments on “WoT 10th Anniversary Player Rewards

  1. enigmaticmuffin says:

    now thats what i call a reason to log in

  2. MrNukki says:

    I gave up on the game already, but I think I might download it again just for the T-50-2. Thanks, WG!

  3. Strategic_Mind says:

    it says you can claim your reward till december 2019, so that means you can get 1 year extra and for someone like me that started playing in the middle of 2015 that means i can get the T-50-2

    • Awesome_Face says:

      It also says that the month in which you startet is irrelevant. Whether you started on 1.Jan or 31.Dec does not matter, only the year is taken into account. Meaning:
      All registered 2017 get rewards for one year.
      2016 – 2 years
      2015 – 3 years

      Even if you wait till december 2019 to “get an extra year” I highly doubt they change what you would get.

  4. lukas93h says:

    WOW! WG I’m impressed… holy moly I’m really excited now.

  5. wolvenworks says:

    5….5 mil creds? wow.

    for the alpha-beta, i hope it includes us SEA Beta testers too

  6. Anonymous says:

    T-50-2 here I come!
    Nice job WG!

  7. I wonder how many alpha/beta testers are still active players today.. Nice rewards, thanks to my friend who introduced me into the game back in 2012

  8. Hyannis says:

    Cool I also have been playing since 2012,nice rewards.

  9. rodinhas says:

    It will be my first russian LT.

  10. Vins_Clortho says:

    Crap, created my account on January 9, 2015 so I lose out on the free tank by nine damn days. Oh well, free credits are nice

  11. V1perMcKay says:

    4 years. I miss out on obtaining the style by 2 years but not complaining about the rewards though. Still get the tank and that matters to me 🙂

  12. Kindabruh says:

    Oh man… my account was created in 2015. Can’t they just give everyone the T-50-2 for free? It’s the 10th anniversary after all…

    • DZ says:

      because they are giving most of the people who made this game what it is today, something special to show their appreciation I imagine.. Newer players have it way to easy nowadays with their 100% crews with tanks, all the boosters and so forth, something the vets never had, they had to deal with the grind….

  13. Marco says:

    I used to be a BT back in the days, but I was in the SEA region, since I relocated in EU had to make a new account so I guess jsut have to login back there and get the rewards hahah!

  14. Polo says:

    i’m pretty sure u will be able to buy t-50-2 in the shop at some point , maybe a 100€ bundle too 😛

  15. Godwin says:

    8 years. The way they’ve written it makes me go moist in the eye tbh.

  16. J3rry says:

    I feel sorry for all players that re rolled… xD

    • Feelsgoodman says:

      you don’t have to be :)… i sold my super unicum 2013 account for 440 Euro, now I have a trash 300 wn8 account with my fav. 2 tier 10s and a LT-432… so I just paid 25 Euro for this account and I have 10 mio. credits. FEELSGOODMAN

  17. semilanceata says:

    17/05/2011 😀 YAY!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been in it since the closed beta back in 2010, but I was on NA until the SEA transfer last year when the Australian server was introduced, I certainly hope that still counts D:

  19. Anonymous says:

    Never had the T50-2 originally before it was removed but qualify for it in this….nice😁

  20. AkrapovicSBK says:

    Account created on 02 december 2011, i guesss i’ll have to login for the T50-2! it was a blast back then 😀

  21. WhiteBaron777 says:

    This is uncharacteristically generous of WG, but I ain’t complaining

  22. _reDWings_ says:

    6 years and counting baby 😀

  23. Juhani Havukainen says:

    I have played wot since 2011 😀

  24. lukas93h says:

    Did someone receive the alpha/beta badge?

  25. fromTX says:

    Not yet. Allegedly they go live at 10am Pacific time in NA.

  26. Anonymous says:

    We hope to continue this tradition next year and make it even better. Enjoy your rewards, you deserve them!

    Anyone notice this at the bottom of the page
    My guess “awful” panther

  27. Anonymous says:

    Why does every account that was register in 2009-2010 count as the 2011.Released date and not a A Alpha/Beta Status ?

  28. 5mil + tank! …. got me the big gun! (americuh TierX arti)

  29. N Mat says:

    I played since day 1 of the beta, but when the game launched after beta, I could not login using a beta account, so what the fuck you on about WG?? I needed to create a new account, with the same e-mail which worked, to play on releaseday. Didn’t get a message like “this e-mail already is registered”, and could not login with my beta credentials… pfft, it’s always something with ‘THOSE’ people.

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