2019 Tank Season Officially open!


just like the title says, my 2019’s Tank Season has now officially started!

This weekend I decided to attend Militracks at Overloon, Netherlands and already got the first clip out, a starter dish:

As for the main course, a full video is coming later on, I am editing as I type.

In order to balance WoT lack of patch content and now that I have also balanced my health and personal/public life, I have decided to start publishing more military-related content from here on now.

This year, in particular, I have received a barrage of invitations for military events and many other locations where most of the citizens are not allowed inside and I will be doing my best to attend as many of these as possible and in the process allowing you to see a lot of the cool stuff I get up to but never really have shown before!

I can yet give confirmation but for starts, not just for those in the UK but also EU Mainland I am planning to let you know more whenever I am in your neck of the woods if you want to come and say hi!


Wishing you all a jolly good day!


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2019 Tank Season Officially open!

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