6 comments on “World of Tanks 1.4 Test Overview

  1. Strea says:

    Well as usual nothing good is comming this update, i hoped a bit for MM update, but when i saw what they planned as templates, it will make game even worse. Can you imagine how broken will game become with template 5/5/5! in 3/5/7 you had at least chance to swarm enemy top tiers with numbers but now…. even little balance that was still in game will be gone, aka more gold spam across all tiers. OMG they really dont know how to use brain.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is your preference then?

      • Anonymous says:

        Silence ensues

      • Strea says:

        to really think about MM and finally fixing it. We dont need decals, honestly i have never put on tank anything else than 75k silver cammo, why pay more when its not needed. Also new vehicles are not needed at this moment, what we need is MM changes, maybe few new maps and tank tweaks. . After they balance game they can add whatever rubish they want, but balancing is more important. where is fun driving 95% of battles in +2 games, where enemy tanks can two shot you most of time.

  2. I Could Be Good But War Gaming Will Fuck Me Over Anyway says:

    more shit we dont want

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