5 comments on “M41D Supertest Update

  1. mredweird says:

    Those are the old stats.

  2. Mikosah says:

    In any case, 370m view range on a light tank with bad camo was a disaster waiting to happen so it makes a lot of sense that they buffed it to 390m. And the gun handling buffs certainly make this better than the regular M41, but that’s a very low bar. Do wish they would buff the regular M41 as well, both of these are still way inferior to the M41-90.

  3. plz, buff penet ap for Lt 432, WG….. ^^

    • vtalonv says:

      Just got out of a game against a LT 432 firing nothing but gold.. he did 4403 damage in a tier 10 battle..

      • Infernal969 says:

        LT-432 is the most broken piece of shit they released since Skorpion G. It rendered all of the other tanks of its class useless. Similiarly this Chinese Bulldog is as useful as a rolling turd.

        But hey, Ruski glue sniffers say 432 needs a buff, so get to it WG. Or do you need 10 more years to “collect data”?


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