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WoT T95/Chieftain Updated Stats

Good day everyone,

So some updated stats for the unholy cross-Atlantic hybrid T95/FV4201 Chieftain Tier X. So far looking to be another clan reward tank. So lets look at the stats:


And some screenshots, including some with an apparent “Veteran” style:

16 thoughts on “WoT T95/Chieftain Updated Stats

  1. “So far looking to be another clan reward tank.”

    What? It was confirmed over a month ago that it will be a CW reawrd tank.

  2. All I see that’s different is slightly faster traverse.

  3. Is it better than super conq?
    Better view range, better speed, mobility, standard pen, more alpha damage…

    1. No soaced armor… Less dpm… You can’t just leave out these mate, stop trying to make it seem like it’s just better.

      1. There is no need for spaced armor if you have over 400-600 effective mm of armor in the whole front turret. Even with less DpM than the Super C. this thing is going to be OP.

      2. It has 400mm of Hull and Turret armor LOL

      3. Even the upper hull is 350mm thick..

  4. 140 HE pen. WTF?

    1. It’s HESH ammo. Common on many British tanks. HESH has higher pen than standard HE.

  5. Why does it have 140mm HE pen? As if we need that. 120mm is high enough for a non derp tank

  6. So we have:
    – T95/Chieftain, which is this tank
    – T95/FV4201, which is the original model
    – Chieftain/T95, which is a tier 8 CW reward medium tank
    , and a few more T95s….

  7. Super Conq is OP and this thing is even more OP. Well done WG, well done…

  8. Only russians tanks are op …dudes… didn,t know that allready?

  9. … That’s a HISTORICAL British emblem!? 🙂 That’s not already in the game, is it? The armoured gauntlet holding a mace, on a red shield?

  10. Yet on console it’s a tier 8 premium medium

  11. clan shitters are putting improved gear, directives and food onto these tracked rectal ebola herpes tanks……..


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