WoT T95/Chieftain Updated Stats


Good day everyone,

So some updated stats for the unholy cross-Atlantic hybrid T95/FV4201 Chieftain Tier X. So far looking to be another clan reward tank. So lets look at the stats:


And some screenshots, including some with an apparent “Veteran” style:

16 comments on “WoT T95/Chieftain Updated Stats

  1. Borla says:

    “So far looking to be another clan reward tank.”

    What? It was confirmed over a month ago that it will be a CW reawrd tank.

  2. mredweird says:

    All I see that’s different is slightly faster traverse.

  3. Ronja says:

    Is it better than super conq?
    Better view range, better speed, mobility, standard pen, more alpha damage…

  4. Anonymous says:

    140 HE pen. WTF?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why does it have 140mm HE pen? As if we need that. 120mm is high enough for a non derp tank

  6. Vinh says:

    So we have:
    – T95/Chieftain, which is this tank
    – T95/FV4201, which is the original model
    – Chieftain/T95, which is a tier 8 CW reward medium tank
    , and a few more T95s….

  7. Fleijel says:

    Super Conq is OP and this thing is even more OP. Well done WG, well done…

  8. ROMBAT says:

    Only russians tanks are op …dudes… didn,t know that allready?

  9. ccamfield72 says:

    … That’s a HISTORICAL British emblem!? 🙂 That’s not already in the game, is it? The armoured gauntlet holding a mace, on a red shield?

  10. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    Yet on console it’s a tier 8 premium medium

  11. fuwg says:

    clan shitters are putting improved gear, directives and food onto these tracked rectal ebola herpes tanks……..


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