World of Warships: Humble Pack



This is a free for a limited period goody pack on the Humble Bumble site Here. The main pack is a referral pack for new players but there is a small pack for existing WoWs accounts.

Referral code Pack.

• Humble Bundle flag
• 10x Humble Bundle camouflages
• St. Louis US tier III cruiser + port slot
• 200 doubloons
• 3 days premium

Existing Accounts

• Humble Bundle flag
• 10x Humble Bundle camouflages

Humble Bumble camo

You can ether go to the above link if you have a Humble Bumble account or use the code bellow on the WoWs portal in the normal way.



4 comments on “World of Warships: Humble Pack

  1. blank says:

    its unlimited??? You keep putting in the code.


    -> its working with wows asia server, but i cant see any bonus about that…. any how to fix that??

    free bonus froum humble bundle only working with eu server of wows…..

  3. V1perMcKay says:

    When trying to redeem goes to instead of so basically anyone on the Asia server cannot successfully redeem this bundle. What a waste of time as my brother was about to use it for his account 🙁

  4. type into google: wows sea portal> log in to YOUR ASIA account> redeem WG code.

    works for ASIA.


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