8 comments on “T78 Supertest Stats

  1. vtalonv says:

    cool! like a prem hellcat

  2. Infernal969 says:

    – Comrade, should we fix underpowered shit in a broken line of tenk?
    – Are you drunk, Boris? Make blyat moar premiums cyka.

    • armando30wot says:

      it’s underpowered because they chose it to be like that, realistically it should be almost like having the Tier 8 Pershing at Tier 7 with the same gun as the T29 and T32, how can such combination ever become underpowered? it can only happen if they deliberately chose to make it like that

      • armando30wot says:

        P.S: and the T78 is neither the only or the best option to replace the T25/2, afterall it’s the combination of a Tier 5 and a Tier 6, making it Tier 7 would not be logical

  3. Anonymous says:

    A Premium Hellcat?
    jeez why bother with a tech tree at all morons at WG counting money morte important than good gameplay

    Anyone here remember when before the T6 Hellcat got nerfed to fuck by WG as being over-powered – was a beast of a T6 back them many happy days shooting up T8’s for fun and loll’s
    )why it was nerfed probably

    • armando30wot says:

      it is not a premium Hellcat, currently it is worse than the Tier 6 TD

      the hull is from the Tier 5 Chaffee, it does have more armor than the Hellcat but also worse mobility, if you add the turret from the M36, which is more than twice as heavy as the Chafee top turret, the mobility will decrease as well, currently this Tier 7 premium is set to be weaker than the tier 6 Hellcat, and by far, the only slight advantage is the increased turret traverse (+4ยบ/sec)

      no matter what this is obviously a wrong move, it will be highly underpowered, unless they change the gun performance to be more “realistic” (it was more powerfull IRL) but I still doubt it will be enough

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