RNG Unleashed: How to Get Featured


Have you been dreaming of getting into the RNG series, but never knew how? This video is for you! Share an incredible moment, get featured in RNG, and earn your reward: 2,000 gold, a unique style, and the RNG badge (will be available in all regions)!

5 comments on “RNG Unleashed: How to Get Featured

  1. most frustrating game ever says:

    What about all those fantastic RNG moments where a super “accurate” tank like a grille, skorpion, leo, e50 or patton misses 17 shots in a row? Can I win 2k gold with spectacular RNG like that?

  2. first I gotta get my reasonable rng refunded and my name taken off the WG black list.
    how do I do that?.

    apart from sucking up to WG, coz I don’t do lickballz.

  3. Alex says:

    Why would someone bother with rng mechanism in ths game because it’s completely fake.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Only WG could screw up something like a game. RNG, well it took a 3rd level retard to come up with that.

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