Patch 1.5: Škoda T 27 Final Textures and Stats


The Škoda T 27 (Czechoslovak, Tier 8, premium, autoloader) is already in the patch 1.5 files. It was originally slated for release with the Czech Medium tech tree branch. Something went wrong and it has made it into the game two and a half years late.

First the Stats screen cap then pics.

Skoda t 27 Compare

8 comments on “Patch 1.5: Škoda T 27 Final Textures and Stats

  1. MrNukki says:

    Shame this isn’t the regular T8 med. TVP VTU should be a premium.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They should honestly made the tvp vtu a tier 7 since its horseshit at tier 8 and made this the tier 8 prem. It would be kindof cool if vtu was a tier 7 cause it would behave as a functionable glass cannon

  3. Anonymous says:

    prem must be better than free one

  4. helldix says:

    “Something went wrong and it has made it into the game two and a half years late.”

    Yeah, We werent in position to bullshit you with fake tanks yet.

    • Paul says:

      umm.. most of world of tanks is bullshit fake tanks…

      either never existed, was never produced, was a toy model only, a non working prototype only, or was a drawing only.

      A lot were so bad at design stage IRL that they were never made for real production as they wouldnt work – too heavy to be practical , bad engine or transmission design and reliability, turret or gun didnt work, layout didnt work etc etc

      A lot of the actual tanks real world tanks are so changed that other than looks they dont resemble anything like the performance of real life either – like how a lot of WOT russian tanks have up to 6-7 deg gun depression when IRL they had much less.

      really most of tier 8-10 is all fake / napkin / design only tanks and some are literally made up by war gaming from different drawings and bits of string and coke cans.

      then most of the real tanks at high tiers that arent russian (the NATO) are so nerfed in gun performance – pen, aim time, bloom, accuracy, pen etc to make them compete with poor german and russian designs that its laughable.. like leo 1 , amx 30b etc


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