WoT Update 1.5.1 Common Test.


Medium Tanks Rebalancing

The Common test update became available earlier this evening. But it has one caveat you must install the Game Center to play it. Personally I dislike the Game Center and have had more problems with it than without, so not having the choice doesn’t sit well.

6 comments on “WoT Update 1.5.1 Common Test.

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, still absolutely no reason to play the STB-1 when you can play the Patton.

    • Partybooper says:

      I don’t know. If it has 12 degrees of gun depression and decent turret armor which can bounce shells, I might like it again. At the moment it just catches dust in my garage.

  2. Goondam says:

    just tried leo 1 on the test, its still very meh. the gun still misses when it should not.

  3. Nice to have these statistics for one session without mods.

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