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Gold Type 59 On all Servers


Today, the Gold Type 59 that was once only available on the Chinese server got finally added to the rest of all the regions and ready to be sold.

Also, the price is not expected to be exorbitant like it’s on the Chinese server (💰155.520) and instead has been placed at 💰15,000 gold. 

33 thoughts on “Gold Type 59 On all Servers

  1. And what is special about it? Apart from the paint??

    1. I believe it brings extra XP and credits, comparing to standard Type59

      1. It does not on EU server
        Xp boost only on Ch

      2. The Type 59 and G are BOTH PREMIUM TANKS YOU POWER DONKEY.

      3. @plzuninstallyouterribaddy He is talking about whether or not it has the increased multipliers over what normal premiums had due to its multipliers on the Chinese server.

    2. I decided to not post stats until I am sure that they didnt change numbers while sneaking it into the files. I will whenever right time comes tho.

      1. They removed the perks lol

  2. Got 200k gold accumulated from 2 year of Xmas events… But IDGAF, they won’t see a penny from me anymore.

    1. Technically your already gave them your money so might as well use it to get something out of it especially considering the Xmas events give very good returns on Gold.

    2. You do realize they don’t make ANY money on gold you already have? You gave them money during those xmas events already

    3. What an idiot. You already gave them all the real money, that gold is only useful for in game purchases.

  3. Can someone please confirm you will not see this BS when you have “hide unhistorical shit’ checked.

    1. It has nothing to do with historical paint, because this tank comes with the gold skin and you cannot change it in any way

  4. Type 59 now for sale? hmmmmm

    When does everyone get a chance to purchase the older Clan Wars tanks that are OP, and only OP players have got in the past?

  5. Is this the tank that we have to kill on sight? Even if it’s on our team?

    1. If you want to be in a Claus Kellerman or Jingles video, for the wrong reasons YES!

  6. And exactly where do you go to get this?

  7. Its in the black market on eu server now, for 25K Gold, yes 25000 gold…

    1. i think the stock is out already, after like 4 min 🙂 i really don’t care, i don’t want it anyway

  8. was 25000g – sold out in 2 minutes

  9. When you absolutely, positively, have to look like a Zimbabwean warlord…
    Accept no substitutes!

  10. How people can spend 85 euros for a gaudy and tacky paint job of a tank is beyond my comprehension.

    1. Plenty of retards play wot

    2. Only 1000 were available. You know how rare that is? People are willing to pay a lot ot get something exclusive.

  11. And yet no Edelweiss available, because god forbid we trigger the players with something unhistorical.

    1. Go back to console, mate

      1. …except that and Nameless are both on the SEA server, in full HD, and regularly rebalanced like all the other tanks.

        It’s also kinda a moot point to say “they don’t belong” when something like the Gold Type is available worldwide now

  12. On the NA server, all 1,000 sold out in less than 5 seconds.

    1. my understanding is that there was only 250 available for NA server

      1. No there were 500 available, and all sold out in less than 20 seconds

  13. Get it from Christmas crates.
    Cheaper PLUS you are payed 10k+
    Plus at least 6 other prem tanks etc

  14. I totally support this. Get the skin you want, get extra credits even or XP with it, just don’t have OP crap messing the game up. I’d rather have the regular type 59. Hopefully they will put it on offer for credits in the end. That is why I think they introduced this one.

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