Ride inside WW2 Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther!



Here’s my newest tank video before attending Tankfest, for those going as well I do hope to see you there!

Had such a blast! Still can’t believe they gave me such an opportunity! First Saumur’s Panther and now the Weald Foundation’s Jagdpanther in less than 2 months, this is a dream come true for a cat lady!

Special thank you to Weald Foundation and Harkonen aka Duarte Teixeira for the invite!

To support history: https://www.wealdfoundation.org/

7 comments on “Ride inside WW2 Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget to straddle your titties around the barrel of the gun to perk up the sleeping beast inside~

  2. B. Runcher says:

    This is the real “Girls on tanks”! Thx for the video, nice impression of that roaring cat!

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