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WoT: Developer Diaries: Disabling Friendly Fire

With Update 1.6, damaging allies by shooting and ramming them will be disabled in all types of Random Battles. This change showed good results in Ranked Battles and now it’s coming to Random Battles. Learn more about the changes to the allied damage system in this new video.

11 thoughts on “WoT: Developer Diaries: Disabling Friendly Fire

  1. Good job Wargaming.

    Thank you!!

  2. Happy arty hours are incoming, firing at facehugging tanks.

    Still blocking and pushing is possible, now without any way to get rid of players who decide to abuse that from the team..

    1. Well, now you can track them without concern. Plus, most players are nice anyway 😉

    2. Arty would still stun allies so there is that deterrent.

      And shooting allies when they are pushing you solves nothing apart from turning yourself blue. It is always stated to never shoot allies regardless of what they are doing because the victim gets punished.

      So complaining about the inability to retaliate is moot.

      Trolls and griefers can still be reported for physics abuse. I do agree, WG needs to really punish players that block and push.

      1. Like reporting ever works.
        It won’t reduce so called “toxicity”, as any WG’ move, it will increase it by removing the last resort means to get rid of troublemakers, making them untouchable.

  3. Team killing should be allowed. Let us get rid of the campers, noobs and Poles

    1. Yep. WG trying to rethink what works with FPS since 2010!

      Hey, how can we fix chat? Well you can mute it…no let’s DISABLE IT!

  4. They should remove the guns in this game – so much frustration.
    They should remove what is left of the chat for good – so much toxicity.
    They should replace the tanks with fluffy, aetheric clouds – why all this war theme all of the time?

    1. IKR, right…like people couldn’t just mute red team chat instead of wrecking it for everyone.

  5. IMO this will make things worse. I dont get shot much by allies. What really grinds my gears is people pushing me out of position or down a cliff. Now with FF disabled i am completely disarmed against this kind of idiots…

  6. A welcomed change for retards and trolls. World of Autoscooters, here we come!

    Oh, and I will love to be permastunned from the enemy AND friendly clickers now in my heavies… So much fun incoming!

    Seriously, who comes up with that crap? Morons?


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