WoT Supertest: The AMR 35 ptII


In game stats and pics.




And Garage pics.

Original images WoT Express


7 comments on “WoT Supertest: The AMR 35 ptII

  1. nrnstraswa says:

    Nice, looking forward to its release.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I recall back when each ‘news’ item in WoT used to have at least 60-70 user comments. Now most people don’t even bother to read about wot.
    Clear indication of people losing interest in this game?

  3. […] World of Tanks news, you probably know already that Wargaming is introducing a new premium French tank called AMR-35. In the Wargaming tradition, it’ll probably be a free gift of some […]

  4. Does anyone ever play Tier II?

  5. santos says:

    can’t play tier 2, the MM times out, even with 10k server population.
    game been out so long even free players have high tiers and don’t play low tiers.


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