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WoT: 1.6.1: Hunter Pattern Camo

As announced in Update 1.6.1, the game will feature a unified historical 2D pattern “Jäger” (“Hunter”) for all nations.

The pattern has the usual Summer, Desert and Winter schemes and can be used by any nation tier or type. Like previous camos (Black widow pattern) it is available in-game for 750 gold.

6 thoughts on “WoT: 1.6.1: Hunter Pattern Camo

  1. As it states ‘historical’ – does anyone know when this camo was sported by which nation? It’s absolutely inknown to me

    1. Don’t forget, WG considered WT Auf E100 historical because someone allegedly heard two drunk Germans talk about it.

      1. also worth noting: these drunk Germans were heard talking about it in 2014, not 1944.

  2. In WG terminology, “historical” means that it looks real enough to the unknowing eye.

  3. Wargaming should allow people to at least change the emblems for styles, this camo is ruined by that moose emblem. Blame Canada.

    1. Guess they call it “Hunter” camo for a reason…

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