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WoT: Supertest: Object 752 changes

There have been some small nerfs in this latest round. Changes are from the original.

11 thoughts on “WoT: Supertest: Object 752 changes

  1. Do they really think that by adding two and half seconds to its reload and a slightly longer aim time will fix its OPness? Nerf the armor or nix the thing entirely. My IS-4 has a mountain on dust on it.

    1. Those are far from the only changes. The thing has already been changed 4 times or something like that. Alpha is 390, DPM is under 2k, hp/t went down to 13, 3,2s aim time. It barely has anything left going for it apart from armor, to be honest.

      1. Its showing 17.4 hp/ton in the pic. Has it changed again since this?

      2. Just noticed the 440 alpha so I’m guessing the pic is wrong/out of date.

    2. Exactly, remove the is4 or buff it ffs

    3. Yes, what happened to Wargaming’s promise early this year to address and rebalance the IS4?

  2. Could be Wordpess has been a dogpile for me the last couple of weeks

    1. Having had a quick look around the internet, it seems yeah. It’s had quite a few nerfs not covered by that image. Unless this is the latest version that has been restored to its former o/p self. (nearly)

  3. Anybody knows which line this comes from? Reward?

    1. For what many people say it seems to be a “reward” tank, maybe for the Ranked Battles or the veteran program nothing sure WG has said nothing about it so far

  4. hat has happened to tier 8 MM more importantly!

    try and get a Top Tier game is IMPOSSIBLE even Tier 7 is rare
    Now its 50% or more all at Tier 10

    that’s what I think is more important than new vehicles
    WG are going backwards again

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