21/03/2016 Q&A: Eugen Trubin & Konstantin Soldatov


just finished translating an excert from Wargaming.FM, they had one of the sound designers, Eugen Trubin and a video producer, Konstantin Soldatov from WG answering some questions:



Eugen Trubin


About the new 2.0 Audio engine in WoT:

-The Engine, firing and internal sounds were all recorded from real vehicles.
-The team focused on having comfortable sounds that wouldn’t tire the players on the long run/big sessions.
-The Engine sounds vary depending on whether the vehicle runs on petrol or diesel.
-The return of old sounds is technically impossible.

RG: Like Storm said, not only the old sounds are from a different engine but keeping both versions active in the game would be extremely extenuating for the sound team as they would require to keep 2 sounds engines constantly updated.

-“We know and understand that women voices are needed in the game!”
-The 9.14 new sound introduction was only the base/foundation, the team didn’t had more space to add things which will be coming in the future.


Konstantin Soldatov



-The Swedish vehicle proposal was looked upon and discussed and many tweaks will be needed until the implementation of this tech tree which has been placed into a “When its done its done”/ASAP state.
-Increasing number of maps in-game is not planned.

RG: Like it was stated before by Storm, its most likely that the map numbers in this game will diminish but that the quality of the existent ones will improve.

-More information about 9.15 will start coming out in April.

RG: I wrote earlier this year after the Cyprus trip that WG will be implementing each patch more spaced from one another and introducing less tech trees. Fix bugs and improve balance in the game is their motto for 2016. Hence (and taking now the chance to explain you) why things have been so slow compared to last year, its not me that is slowing down, its WG.

-More mods (like the minimap features that came on 9.14) are planned to be introduced on the 9.15 patch.
-The team is trying to figure out ways to fight the illegal mod usage in the game.
-About game balance: “There will be changes but no target-dates to announce them”.
-About the bug where tracks get stuck in the collision walls of the buildings edges: “We are aware, we will fix, still gathering feedback”.
-Mod makers will receive information on the Old Wwise in the the next patch.
-With the recent Kazakh addition, so far WoT has been translated into 39 languages.


That’s all folks!



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21/03/2016 Q&A: Eugen Trubin & Konstantin Soldatov

40 thoughts on “21/03/2016 Q&A: Eugen Trubin & Konstantin Soldatov

    1. Lukáš Tankovič, how on earth can you play without a sniper zoom lock mod?
      Every time I update the client and roll out vanilla in that one game for mod testing or when I play on Test server, I get so frustrated about constantly fu**ing up the zoom and zooming in or out of sniper mode when I don’t want to..

      1. I play just fine without a sniper zoom lock mod. Try disciplining yourself to keep your finger off the wheel unless you want to zoom. Unless you have muscle spasms / trembling, of course.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        Minority speaking loud and distinctly in a manner that gives the impression the minority is assuming they’re the majority.

  1. Patata Caliente says:

    > “We know and understand that women voices are needed in the game!”

    Wow, really. How long did it take them to work that out?

      1. Darth_Clicker says:

        Give them a break! These guys are nerds and are extremely nervous around women. They probably have trouble talking to women and you are asking them to ask women if they can record their voices? haha.

  2. Berto72 says:

    If I wanted real sounds would play a steel beast pro.
    In WoT i want to clearly distinguish a bounce from a penetration.
    A realistic sound has to be in service of the gameplay, just like the other features adapted to help the game.

  3. x says:

    No mods installed since the last patch, not missing XVM at all after 5 years of gameplay.
    The only thing still sorely needed is a carousel and extensive filtering options in Garage.
    Maybe more detailed gaming session stats.
    Close the code and ban all fucking mods, maybe except the most innocent UI mods.

    1. party1c says:

      wot is unplayable without mids if you want more than die in 2min or camp the whole battle.

      -precise dmg indicator
      -dmg anouncer
      -improved arty aim
      -zoom mods (in and out)
      -clock in hangar/ingame
      -tank caroussell
      -autotelescope mod
      -sounds for sixth sense

      just to name a few.

  4. My friend and I freaking love the new sounds and physics, so no problemo for us. Personally I’m ok that WG spends this year balancing and fixing stuff.

    1. Same here, I believe is actually the right way, my only concern is for people to understand why I’m quieter than usual, actually…nowadays I’ve been posting more stuff than even the Russians. :/

    1. This is probably one of the few things I kinda disagree with them but then again how good were the new maps that WG PC introduced? They couldn’t even make Komarin good when they brought it back (glad is gone again). WoT PC map makers are bad as bad can be….

      1. Migsaec says:

        Yeah, for some reason they somehow end up making kill-zones/death-traps, open areas with bushes on the sides. The maps, some of them are too closed, some are too open(and has bushes on the sides which makes the open areas death-traps), they can’t seem to hit that balance.

        The current Murovanka is a good open map though, its not too open with the amount of terrain as cover and the routes for flanking are way more undefined than some of the maps.

      2. Anonymous says:

        When talking about maps – LTs balancing would be rly nice next step since right now we have got Malinovka and Lakevile and I dont mind cities as long as there would be chance to get scouting map (for this very reason I liked previous Murovanka more) But its true that there is probably need for much bigger change than maps since there is a lot of MTs with 410+ viewrange carring coated optics as well thus successfully negating need for low tier LTs.

    2. Fewer Maps?
      So yet again Wargame know best and as always as WG never make a mistake? or screw things up and badly, or the arrogant dismissal of anything they not like

      So we the customer-players just shut up keep quite and keep playing ~ and you EU cash cows please keep buying even more, from the now expensive WG EU Premium Shop

      How about yes we shut up AND up stop playing WOT
      ~ then go play another ‘more comfortable enjoyable’ game where were not treated as unimportant 15 year olds with a nice fat bank account

  5. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “The team focused on having comfortable sounds that wouldn’t tire the players on the long run”.

    This area needs further improvement. The rattling noise that Soviet tanks make while driving is tiring. It resembles dog stuck in broken gear box. I also noticed exactly the same thing about Chinese tanks on streams.

  6. Matt says:

    You do know the category of “real vehicles” would include lawn mowers and cars right? 🙂 I should record a riding lawn mower and play the tortoise sound from the game, and see if you can tell which is which.

  7. None of this crap about sounds being from real vehicles matter, if the player base says it sucks. There are some things in life that artificial does better than real, and in this game sounds are one of them. Give us the option of having the old sounds back.

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