21/03/2016 Q&A: Eugen Trubin & Konstantin Soldatov


just finished translating an excert from Wargaming.FM, they had one of the sound designers, Eugen Trubin and a video producer, Konstantin Soldatov from WG answering some questions:



Eugen Trubin


About the new 2.0 Audio engine in WoT:

-The Engine, firing and internal sounds were all recorded from real vehicles.
-The team focused on having comfortable sounds that wouldn’t tire the players on the long run/big sessions.
-The Engine sounds vary depending on whether the vehicle runs on petrol or diesel.
-The return of old sounds is technically impossible.

RG: Like Storm said, not only the old sounds are from a different engine but keeping both versions active in the game would be extremely extenuating for the sound team as they would require to keep 2 sounds engines constantly updated.

-“We know and understand that women voices are needed in the game!”
-The 9.14 new sound introduction was only the base/foundation, the team didn’t had more space to add things which will be coming in the future.


Konstantin Soldatov



-The Swedish vehicle proposal was looked upon and discussed and many tweaks will be needed until the implementation of this tech tree which has been placed into a “When its done its done”/ASAP state.
-Increasing number of maps in-game is not planned.

RG: Like it was stated before by Storm, its most likely that the map numbers in this game will diminish but that the quality of the existent ones will improve.

-More information about 9.15 will start coming out in April.

RG: I wrote earlier this year after the Cyprus trip that WG will be implementing each patch more spaced from one another and introducing less tech trees. Fix bugs and improve balance in the game is their motto for 2016. Hence (and taking now the chance to explain you) why things have been so slow compared to last year, its not me that is slowing down, its WG.

-More mods (like the minimap features that came on 9.14) are planned to be introduced on the 9.15 patch.
-The team is trying to figure out ways to fight the illegal mod usage in the game.
-About game balance: “There will be changes but no target-dates to announce them”.
-About the bug where tracks get stuck in the collision walls of the buildings edges: “We are aware, we will fix, still gathering feedback”.
-Mod makers will receive information on the Old Wwise in the the next patch.
-With the recent Kazakh addition, so far WoT has been translated into 39 languages.


That’s all folks!



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