21/05/2016 Q&A


Just finished translating today’s Q&A, this was answered by Konstantin Soldatov on Wargaming.fm and gathered by the RU comrades:


-“SandBox” will come in June
– 9.15 will be released in Tuesday, May 24.
-On the fact that players puke premium rounds during tests- something may change.
– WT E-100 replacement is just an initial stage of the global Rebalance.
-“Football this summer?” -“I dont know, stay tuned!”
-About season 2 of Personal Missions, is planned but its hard to say when exactly will come. The team is trying to avoid all the mistakes made in season 1.
-There are also no plans to bring Domination back
-WT E-100 is not planned to return, not even recicled (stats changed/nerfed)
-There wont be Marathons.
-Konstantin Soldatov also confirms that the team is working to fight illegal mods this year.
-Bonuses for “tanking” has been postponed.
-Team is discussing but only discussing adding bonuses for medals because the medals are sort of memorial piece.
-There are no plans to buff Lowe.
-The Dev Team wants to end with the Mortar Arty Mod but they don’t have the time to fix it by 9.15.
-The team is aware of the camo bug and they want to fix it but just like the Mortar Mod, there’s no time to do it by 9.15.
-Wheeled vehicles are not planned (RG: I’ve seen this asked and denied by the RU staff for as long as even FTR times *sigh*)
-There are high changes that Chieftain Mk. 6 wont be replacing FV2015b.

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