21/05/2016 Q&A


Just finished translating today’s Q&A, this was answered by Konstantin Soldatov on Wargaming.fm and gathered by the RU comrades:


-“SandBox” will come in June
– 9.15 will be released in Tuesday, May 24.
-On the fact that players puke premium rounds during tests- something may change.
– WT E-100 replacement is just an initial stage of the global Rebalance.
-“Football this summer?” -“I dont know, stay tuned!”
-About season 2 of Personal Missions, is planned but its hard to say when exactly will come. The team is trying to avoid all the mistakes made in season 1.
-There are also no plans to bring Domination back
-WT E-100 is not planned to return, not even recicled (stats changed/nerfed)
-There wont be Marathons.
-Konstantin Soldatov also confirms that the team is working to fight illegal mods this year.
-Bonuses for “tanking” has been postponed.
-Team is discussing but only discussing adding bonuses for medals because the medals are sort of memorial piece.
-There are no plans to buff Lowe.
-The Dev Team wants to end with the Mortar Arty Mod but they don’t have the time to fix it by 9.15.
-The team is aware of the camo bug and they want to fix it but just like the Mortar Mod, there’s no time to do it by 9.15.
-Wheeled vehicles are not planned (RG: I’ve seen this asked and denied by the RU staff for as long as even FTR times *sigh*)
-There are high changes that Chieftain Mk. 6 wont be replacing FV2015b.

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21/05/2016 Q&A

58 thoughts on “21/05/2016 Q&A

  1. Anonymous says:

    “There are high changes that Chieftain Mk. 6 wont be replacing FV2015b.”

    So….maybe she will get her own heavy branch? please and thanks

    1. Asghaad says:

      COnsidering that as it its implemented Chieftains armor is PATHETICALLY weak id be more inclined to see it as T10 MEDIUM tank …

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Yes, add even more medium to the game, because the ones we have now is not enough, right? There’s one Chieftain version with much stronger turret armor (I don’t remember it’s model), they could just add that one to the game instead. Finally we would have a REAL hulldown tank in tier 10, with super strong turret and 10 degrees gundepression…

      2. Asghaad says:

        well yeah, because Chieftain was one of the first MBTS and it simply cannot fill a heavby tank role in game that uses ammunition penetration vallues from eighties … Chieftain was designed to face against russian 100mm and 122mm guns that at the time had nowhere near the penetration vallues we see in the game …

        that bullshit 330mm pen HEAT just makes it absolute butter : http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/chieftain#tab:model.compare:t110e5;g000000 – if it doesnt suse “live” then switch to it then select camera at 100m … yeah that sea of green you see there means that CHieftains armor is about as effective as wet tissue paper against T10 gold ammo. And against AP rounds its not much better either – huge cupola, and humongous weakspots right above and to the right of the gun …

        that is TYPICAL T10 medium tank armor (for mediums that do have armor) … just tweak terrain resistances and you get excellent T10 medium tank which is closer to the real life clasification of Chieftain than trying to make it heavy …

      3. Asghaad says:

        wouldnt solve humongous cupola issue or practically nonexistant hull armor. But it would be hillarious having spaced armor in tier where people use more HEAT than AP … Could be one of the reasons why they do not rush in implementing the SuperConqueror as it should be pretty much immune to HEAT xD

      4. fighting_falcon93 says:

        It’s a hulldown tank, no need for hull armor 😉 But I agree that the cupola would be a problem :/ Either they need to put armor on it or make it smaller… And yeah, that would be next generation armor against HEAT spammers 😀

      5. Synvy (Tea) says:

        Not exactly mate,
        I have pointed out this since FTR times.
        The Chieftain’s hull has numerous problems.
        – It will be buttered by 330 pen, calculations were made.
        – The hull is quite low profile meaning on level ground it does not gain too much from its LoS 72 deg angling, at medium range it drops out of KE autobounce angle.
        – SPG. One of the few “heavies” which has UFP so bad that same Tier SPG HE shell can penetrate, need to mention its side armour is 38, just with splash will enough to do a lot. Because it is a hulldown fighter (or should expected to be), ridgeline are mostly exposed to SPG.
        – Hulldown, hulldown is tricky, just below the turret ring there is a weakspot. Will need a rock big enough to cover the hull completely as well as not blocking the gun. I should say its armour works when the gun is depressed.

      6. Synvy (Tea) says:

        Forgot to mention, just above the gun is 220 EA when the gun is not depressed. It is more of a Depressing tank than Hulldown tank. :3

  2. -The Dev Team wants to end with the Mortar Arty Mod but they don’t have the time to fix it by 9.15.

    Are you fucking kidding me?
    Like a 10 line script which won’t allow you to shoot if your arty is standing in a certain angle.
    like a 10 line script…
    GG WG

    1. marianr87 says:

      Stopping arty from shooting at a certain angle is dumb and is not the problem. The Mortar plugin calculates trajectories differently than default and is aided by the arty standing on an incline. Trying to do the same thing normally without the mod is going to be harder or impossible.

      Thus this is not just a 10 line script problem and even if it were It needs still needs more investigation and testing and that would delay the patch for weeks.

      You don’t modify code days before release and expect there will be no new bugs caused because of that change.

      1. Secret Squirrel says:

        Then don’t release the patch if you have such “error” in it. Pretty simple isn’t it?
        They promised that the patches will be more about quality.. Did they mean quality for cheaters?

      2. marianr87 says:

        What error? It’s a mod that exploits how the game works. Sure they could have had a difference stance on mods until now, but the Mortar mod was likely always possible, just that nobody thought of doing until now.

        No it’s not that simple. I’ve worked as QA tester for a while (not for WG) and I can tell you that making and maintaining an online game is not simple or easy. You don’t know an exploit is possible sometimes until somebody exploits it. Then it takes time to come up with a solution that doesn’t fuck up the game worse and then test it to make sure. It takes a long time to do all that. The underpinnings of games are very complex.

        This mortar mod just appeared last week and next week that patch is scheduled to be released. Dealing with mod will take time and delaying 9.15 would like prove as a very negative outcome as people expect it and content and new releases are based on it.

    2. greku says:

      Zsolt Csiszér – and what if i have arty and don’t have that mode byt i want to go aand stand on so strange angle (i.e. hiding from enemy) and i want to shoot? You can’t limit this thing. Mortar mod is calculating angle and direction for the user, so it is more complex problem.

      Secret Squirrel – it’s not a patch bug. It’s not a bug at all. It’s just phisics and ui that someone used in unexpected way.

    3. You’re one of those people who think you just have to write “plz stop” in a text file and call it “no cheat .script” in order to patch something right ?

      It would take time to correct that issue. Even if they wanted to they simply cant patch it in time. And delaying the patch wont change, the modders will just adapt it to 9.14.
      The only way they’ll make cheat mods impossible is by having 100 % of game actions serverside, nothing clientside. That would stress servers too much and they’d melt after half an hour on. If they just add a “key” to install mods cheat-modders will just make third party programs like tundra which uses pointers (I think) to directly affect the memory of running game.

  3. BattleBudgie says:

    -There are high changes that Chieftain Mk. 6 wont be replacing FV2015b.

    Seriously, fucking idiots. They promised the change 4 years ago! Four goddamn years! I don’t care about the friggin Chieftain, just thell us what the hell is going on! The only thing we’ve been hearing for YEARS is “oh, we’re not sure.” Are you fucking kidding me? Then tell us to stop hoping, because the 215b stays, but for God’s sake, TELL US SOMETHING YOU FU******* ***********!

    1. Anonymous says:

      WG release Chieftain Mk. 6 !!
      59-Patton at least Maximum speed 50 + 9.15 Buff
      Chieftain/T95 Maximum speed 42 = A = lll <—-GG

  4. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    -Bonuses for “tanking” has been postponed.

  5. fighting_falcon93 says:

    “There wont be Marathons.”
    – Whaaat? What does this mean? There won’t be any more marathons to get free tier 8 premiums? 🙁

    “Wheeled vehicles are not planned (RG: I’ve seen this asked and denied by the RU staff for as long as even FTR times *sigh*)”
    I really, really hope that WG NEVER adds wheeled vehicles to either WoT or WoT2.0, it simply looks silly and rediculous. Just look at Armored Failfare, they have armored cars and it just looks stupid :/

    “There are high changes that Chieftain Mk. 6 wont be replacing FV2015b.”
    Fine, then add it as a new branch, but get it into the game ASAP WG, many people want this tank :/

      1. Darn. I was hoping it was going to be a new, 15 vs 15, flat map that randomly dropped obstacles and terrain features in every battle, like giant soccer balls, 8-bit trees, draw bridges, collapsing bridges, reforming buildings, and entire swaths of trees that get cut down every time a tank fires a shell through a forest. Y’know, fun stuff. Oh, and sand castles. Gotta have those.

  6. Swatdennis says:

    -The team is aware of the camo bug and they want to fix it but just like the Mortar Mod, there’s no time to do it by 9.15.

    Ajust.ShellMaxHight: (value)


  7. Xavier says:

    They really should just expand the British Heavy line to have 2 Tier X vehicles. Chieftain (Really not the mobility to be a medium) and some other tank they pull out of their arse.

  8. ares354 says:

    Lowe wont be buff. Same story for year, they do global rebalance, wont do a thing to old crap Lowe. np comrade, drink vodka.

    Next, “tanking” is hard, u need brain to do so. Give players 50% credtis and exp; example, u do 8 dmg and earn 80 k credtis, u block 8 k with armor and tracks , u earn 50% of that, so 40 K, credtis, and 75% exp. Done,

  9. ukmj says:

    Don’t you just love all this talk about the Chieftain. Just face it it ain’t coming anytime soon to the game. When it does you can bet your arse it will be as a reward for the privileged few.

    We’ve already got half of it in the game but not the whole. We’ll probably get the other half as some pigging reward for the few, before we get the whole.

    As for the Chieftain being the tier X for the next series of missions. That ain’t going to happen. Wargaming pander to the Russians and they couldn’t give a rats arse about the Chieftain. They will get some Russian fantasy tank that Wargaming will dig out of some fantasy archive.

    Good news is that Wargaming failing to implement the Chieftain has stopped me playing the game. Probably saved me (and cost them) a couple of hundred quid over the last six months, the amount of money I used to throw at the game.

    Thanks Wargaming best thing you’ve done, keep up the good work.

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