Why WT E-100 will be Removed


I hope everyone is having a good weekend, I’m sharing the today bits for you before going out and enjoy mine.

I’ve noticed many of you are displeased over the WT E-100 removal and QuickyBaby has made a very good video on why its going to be replaced, he has made some points:




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Why WT E-100 will be Removed

44 thoughts on “Why WT E-100 will be Removed

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      He’s not full of shit (at least not in this vid), he just loves his own voice. Seriously, all the stuff he explaines in his videos in 5-6 minutes could be condensed in 5-10 sentences.

  1. Synvy (Tea) says:

    I think QB may as well need to make “Viewer discretion is advised” because some started to get so pissed off with ‘opinions’

  2. lafie says:

    Simply put, it’s broken, and not in a good way.

    I totally agree with QB on this, and have for a long time now.

      1. ステトガイ says:

        Yea its pretty sad… in fact that thing is so broken, you cannot defend it.. we all know those who do only do it because they love ‘rebalancing’ other players.

  3. The people complaining about WTE-100’s removal are the same who ask for arty removal, who consider FV183’s HESH balanced and who fire gold ammo in JPZe100 and ISU-152. Noskills who can only play op tanks with op ammo and are lost as soon as they have to use any tactic or are out of gold ammo.

  4. I have no issues with WT E100. Never been killed by one. Ever. And never been shot by one more than twice in a single game.

    People are too fucking retarded to abuse it’s camo rating, armour and long clip load.

    The gun is literally the only good thing. And it isn’t even that good. The penetration for a tier 10 td is low, the accuracy is irrelevant in world of corridors, the only thing this thing has is burst damage…and you know how to fix that…? STOP SITTING SIDEWAYS ON TO A FUCKING LOADED AUTOLOADER YOU USELESS RETARDS….

    The AMX 50 100 is a better tank in every way tier for tier. With the only exception of it’s gun handling. It has better mobility, better armour, more clip potential for it’s tier, faster clip load time, more penetration for it’s tier.

    But people like to derp arundel in bullshit is7 and other Russian tanks and when for once a German tank whips their skilless op arsed they whine to no end about it.

    Sure it might require some further tweaking but the tank has so many glaring weaknesses that retards are too fucking stupid to take advantage of.

    1. Uggala says:

      I also don’t get the whining about this thing. I mean, this game is infested with countless SPGs that can easily rng you dead from the other side of the map, especially if you’re in a slow tank, and people seriously whine about the WTF100?! Who has to come and get you the hard way? I don’t get it. I REALLY dont get it. When i see these things oneclip something, its some moron who drives out in the open despite knowing that this thing is sitting in LOS ~200 meters away – While after that stunt, the WTF100 is dead or so crippled due to the focus fire that it really isnt a problem anymore. If not, avoid it, and shoot it when it tries to relocate… Hell, i even sought these things out and tantalized them in my E50 when there where 2-3 of them in a game back in the day when they were new. Was lots of fun, and they rarely got me (<- everytime my own fault for being far to greedy). And to make things worse, we get the Grille 15. From what i saw from the videos, this thing will be a really, really REALLY big pain in the ass, which the WTF100 never was… sure, it has no armor, but the scout like speed with this ridiculously good, rear mounted gun…. ugh. This thing will be a lot worse than the old (overpowered, before the global TD nerf came) Hellcat…

  5. Sturmtiger_304 says:

    People are just sad becouse their favourite toy is gonna go away forever.

    Mother of god finally that piece of overpowered brick of shit is gonna go. FINALLY

  6. G_Money says:

    Broken or not, I’m sure all those who spent time and effort to research the Wt E100. Seems unfair to just replace it with Grille 15 without some significant compensation.
    Similar to the FV4202 swap for Centurion AX on NA server, that received the FV4202 (P) for free; Wt E100 should get a free tier 8 premium TD, like the Waffenträger Skorpion for free, along with some exclusive personal reserve missions.


  7. platoon says:

    make it op. first, let people go grind it only to take a fun tank, sometime later, nerf it to death and still say its too op. , wait for people to defend it, no way..

    some people plan months ago to grind all the way get their dream tank and not only this tank gets broken, but also the game itself with very patch, when they will learn?

  8. I would rather see arty removed than this to be honest, if I had a choice I would much rather be hit with a waffle than hit by an arty shell. I can handle the waffle because there is an opportunity to shoot back at it. In most matches I can avoid the waffle in most matches for a fairly long time. It doesn’t bother me that much unless it can fully clip me in any tank (with or without full hp). Being killed with 300hp left by a waffle is acceptable because most tanks from tier 8 upwards can deal 300 alpha damage. Point is, I can’t shoot an arty vehicle while he can hit me from a safe distance while he pounds me time and time again without me doing anything. (and no, I am no camper whatsoever)

    I like the Waffle, a high risk can be greatly rewarding or end in disaster. The Grille 15 is same old as a tier 8 RHM or tier 9 Pz4 TD but in tier 10. Nothing really exciting or special as the Waffle is different/ more exciting. It’s a td AMX50B. With the introduction of the Grille I guess we will see less Grille’s than the Waffles if the latter was to stay.

  9. GU-7 says:

    Bye bye WTF-E100, Wont miss ya… The fact that it is able to pen an 80% health IS4 frontal armor, and still have rounds in the chamber was just nuts, and it can still to it today… Given the fact that it has it’s disadvantages, you have to think about it. Like what QB said “Is it fun for the other player” and it is still game breaking, like how many other tanks do you know of that can one-clip a tier X heavy? Foch-155 can barely do it because of the reload between rounds.

    Great tank for Easy Mode players, horrible tank for those who just want to enjoy the game.

    1. Because its a stupid move probably… A lone wandering tank can be fully clipped by a waffle yes and If I was the is4 I would be pissed. Think about it, If you had supporting teammates a waffle wouldn’t probably engage you. Deal 2k damage as a waffle and lose more than half of your hitpoints. It has no camo, no armor and is as tall as a building AND a HE magnet. A waffle reloading for 60 seconds or so is a sitting duck and useless. You will find most waffles who brawl early get killed early and contribute next to nowt.

      A waffle who doesn’t expose itself too much during the beginning of the match, doing some sniping and manages to survive to the end is a real gamechanger. How many times do you see a good experienced player with a waffle end up with 5/6 kills and 5/6k damage or more.

      No I am not a waffle player, just a player with an opinion. Played it once just before the swap with Grille, didn’t have a bad game to put it mildly lol.

      1. Played 2 games on the testserver when it was to be released or pretty new – 1st game was a instant 5.7k damage game (without much effort) and it was only interrupted, because our side was pushed down by the enemy.

  10. George H. says:

    I have a Waffle… and glad to see it go. Have only been playing it the past few days because of the mission of tier 9 and 10 German tanks. I am looking forward to the Grille 15. Hate that 54 second reload time on the Waffle, because as QB says, it’s boring waiting for that reload.

  11. drealgrin says:

    whiney baby doesn’t like tanks that force him to think about how to play instead of just playing.

    this tank is good but balanced, easily spotted, poor gun depression, rear mounted turret, there is nothing about this vehicle that is OP. It has more weaknesses than strengths and the one strength it has makes it fun to play.

    Whiney baby, like all poor tankers, complain about vehicles rather than adapt to them. And this vehicle was very easy to adapt to.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes, destroying entire tier 10 tank within 8 seconds from first shot is very balanced. Let’s not mention that it is the most accurate tank in the game with negligible aim time. The fact that it got significantly netfed two times already doesn’t really say it’s balanced.

      1. drealgrin says:

        whiners got artillery nerfed numerous times already, they were never overpowered. pathetic players just cry about anything they don’t like.

  12. CelticArchangel says:

    I won’t miss it. Good bye W-100. It was a slice. Won’t miss that bullshit bouncing all the time now. Won’t miss seeing IS-3 tear open the front of a Jagdtiger, but a clip of CR from the W-100 just doesn’t want to pen. Won’t miss that stupid 50+ sec reload. Nope, Nope. Nope.
    The Grille 15 is a perfect replacement and fits the line better.

  13. Big_Kahuna says:

    WG made a mistake to place Wt E100 in game, players spend time/effort to get the Wt E100, why should players suffer for WG’s mistake?

  14. Phos says:

    Gotta wonder: will any stats carry over? Could someone who had an WTF-E100 use their stats from that vehicle to get a bunch of barrel rings?

  15. Anonymous says:

    (sorry for my english 🙂 )but this video is very old, WT was nerfed and now is impossible to shot and keep hiden, 5 clips ….

  16. Yngwie Lesso says:

    hopefully this patch will make WG happy to know that 95% of the people that will need to do TD-15 for the 260 now, won’t be able to complete it. with the waffle gone, TDs being nerfed to cr@p, view range nerfed to the point all other tank classes out spot them, and accuracy nerfed. WG wins again.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I still think this vehicle would be perfectly balanced if it had 310m viewrange and less than 1000 hitpoints.

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