22/03/2016 Q&A: Sentinel AC I


Got a couple more bits of info about the upcoming Sentinel AC I:

-Sentinel AC I is going to be sold in the SEA server on 23 March, 2016.

-The Sentinel will never be sold In-Game.

-The reason why Sentinel will never be sold in-game is because it would require to have British Markings and it will only ever be sold in the premium shop with its AUS customization.
-“Man , this tank so horrible … it bad at everything But I like the ideal put the Big D in front of the tank to distract the opponent” WG:-“Aye, typical Australia.
Other countries do things like painting tigers on the front.. but no… Australia needs to take a different approach”
-Why has WG made this tank so crap? WG:-“Its based on the RL tank.”
-The Sentinel has been dug out of storage in Texas where it was out in the open / rusting and sent back home:

  • Had several parts/hatches fabricated / replaced.
  • Had the gun which was damaged from disarmament / cosmetically repaired.
  • Was sandblasted and painted for preservation
  • But still it doesn’t “go and shoot”

-The engines are there and still seem intact. So getting it fully going in the future, is possible.
-“AUS destroyed almost all of their tanks at the end of WWII. So its important to renew and maintain the ones that survived and of course allow AUS to appreciate them.”
-The in game tank was ready for a December release but it was held up to match like the real life sentinel restoration/arrival back home.
-There will be no Australian Tech Tree, ever.

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