22/03/2016 Q&A: Sentinel AC I


Got a couple more bits of info about the upcoming Sentinel AC I:

-Sentinel AC I is going to be sold in the SEA server on 23 March, 2016.

-The Sentinel will never be sold In-Game.

-The reason why Sentinel will never be sold in-game is because it would require to have British Markings and it will only ever be sold in the premium shop with its AUS customization.
-“Man , this tank so horrible … it bad at everything But I like the ideal put the Big D in front of the tank to distract the opponent” WG:-“Aye, typical Australia.
Other countries do things like painting tigers on the front.. but no… Australia needs to take a different approach”
-Why has WG made this tank so crap? WG:-“Its based on the RL tank.”
-The Sentinel has been dug out of storage in Texas where it was out in the open / rusting and sent back home:

  • Had several parts/hatches fabricated / replaced.
  • Had the gun which was damaged from disarmament / cosmetically repaired.
  • Was sandblasted and painted for preservation
  • But still it doesn’t “go and shoot”

-The engines are there and still seem intact. So getting it fully going in the future, is possible.
-“AUS destroyed almost all of their tanks at the end of WWII. So its important to renew and maintain the ones that survived and of course allow AUS to appreciate them.”
-The in game tank was ready for a December release but it was held up to match like the real life sentinel restoration/arrival back home.
-There will be no Australian Tech Tree, ever.

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22/03/2016 Q&A: Sentinel AC I

43 thoughts on “22/03/2016 Q&A: Sentinel AC I

  1. “It will have to require British markings”

    Will guess what you lazy bastards… MAKE AUSTRALIAN MARKINGS… I’ll do some research and I’ll me my own in Adobe…

    “It’s terrible at everything”

    No it’s not. The RoF is good, the armor is decent, and the mobility is rather nice. Just buff the aim time… Jeez…

    1. thesherbet says:

      or at least give it the same alpha (as it is basically the same gun) as the matilda, theres no reason for it to be quite so low

      1. Dreadmoth says:

        Yeah, the damage should at least be the same as the 2-pdr Mk. X (considering the Mk. X-A is apparently the same gun produced with lower dimension tolerances / higher standards). Don’t know why they made the aiming time so long, it’s significantly worse than any other tank with a 2-pounder gun.

    2. Bonesaw1o1 says:

      It will have Australian markings, I saw one being tested on the NA server and it had the correct green/tan camouflage. Hence why they’re selling it via the premium shop so it has a custom skin with the correct camo ie like the 58 mutz or the Rudy

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        You’re pretty much spot-on as far as I know, but small nitpick: Rudy doesn’t have any camo skins like Mutz, Patton KR or AMX 13 57. Nor do IS-2, Cromwell Berlin or Fury. You can still apply camo to these tanks (and you should, because you don’t get the bonus baked into them).

      2. Renarde Martel says:

        Small update: I bought it just now and checked it out in the garage. You get exclusive camo and emblems, but you can still exchange these for other camo or emblems. They’re not custom skins AT ALL.

    3. soviettenkdestroyer, have you compared the stats with other Tier4 meds? ROF is good? And did you check its alpha damage? It has simply horrible DPM with eeven more horrible aim-time.
      That tank in real game situations will be next to useless, as you will have to stay and shoot someone in very close ranges for at least 10 times to do any significant damage, while your enemy most of the times will two or three shot you in just seconds.
      The only good thing it can do is permatrack some noob coming around a corned to slow, and that’s it.
      At the moment it is one of the the worst Tier4 med in game.

      1. Swathe_EU says:

        soviettenkdestroyer has reply disabled, but anyway, they should at least buff the alpha to 50 in line with other 6pdr’s, maybe 55 like the X-B, or compromise with the halfway point 52 (since it’s an X-A)

  2. ONLY on the SEA server? I’ve been looking forward to this one too (as a collector’s item, I know it’s rubbish), but if it’s not available on the EU server I won’t be too happy…

      1. I lied, I got one game in – on Himmelsdorf, with no equipment fitted (even forgot to load a repair kit…) Actually not bad, you DO notice the aim time exceeds the load time by a long way, and it could be faster, but it took the hill well, and does lovely damage ramming downhill 🙂

        Killed an enemy Sentinel, got killed by the DW2 I rammed. Overall not at all unhappy for one game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why are you saying the SEA server is lucky, we get treated like dirt by the staff too lazy to knuckle down on the Viet-warpackers*. Believe me.

    *Sorry for the racism but its true. terrible in Rb, Cheat in clanwars.

  4. argleblarglegarble says:

    -“Man , this tank so horrible … it bad at everything But I like the ideal put the Big D in front of the tank to distract the opponent” WG:-“Aye, typical Australia.


    -Why has WG made this tank so crap? WG:-“Its based on the RL tank.”

    So is almost every tank in the game. Doesn’t preclude WG from some balancing to make it fit the tier properly.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Whats funny is that aim time is a completely made up figure based on class, WG can make it whatever they want so theres no reson why it has to be as bad as it is.

      Fair enough if they had the varients with 17 or 25pdr guns, but its a pissy small 2pdr

  5. Anonymous says:

    Should have made it the E1 varient with the 17pdr gun, or the Sentinal AC 3 “Thunderbolt” with 25pdr gun

    -“Man , this tank so horrible … it bad at everything But I like the ideal put the Big D in front of the tank to distract the opponent”
    WG:-“Aye, typical Australia.
    Other countries do things like painting tigers on the front.. but no… Australia needs to take a different approach”

    Bloody oath we Aussies are gonna do shit differently mate, it represents our balls deep attitude. We were made to do some fucked up shit during the wars and we did it

  6. -Why has WG made this tank so crap? WG:-“Its based on the RL tank.”
    Yea, and IRL it had 2.7 sec aim time?
    And other RL tanks like IS, IS-3 and T-34-85 are crap in game too? 😉

  7. Muhamad Adhi says:

    From The_Chieftain post on ASIA:
    “I agree, at Tier IV, the thing is fine, but at VI, it’s plain outclassed.

    For the record, Sentinel seems to have the worst-designed turret I’ve ever been inside, so relatively poor gun handling at least is ‘in character’, but that doesn’t help the in-game enjoyment factor. Still, I suspect that once the data comes in, if it truly is as limited in capability as a number of us (and reviewers) think, it’ll get buffed. We usually don’t mind buffing premiums over time.”

    Now i recall he is quite tall so it might be just his stature not doing any justice to Sentinel.


  8. Gkirmathal says:

    -The Sentinel will never be sold In-Game.

    So what about 2016 being the ‘year of change’ and lessened focus on premium vehicles?
    The above rather is contrary to the ‘promise’ WG made in Cyprus early this year.

    Rita, do you have info on WG internal stance at the moment? As it almost seems like they made a 180 again.

      1. Gkirmathal says:

        Uhm I should correct myself on that 😛 , I meant: lessening the focus on prem vehicles, that are only available thru the web shop.

  9. Xenomass says:

    fucking hell wargaming you all are so fucking lazy oh yeah its shit cant be bothered to fix it pay us money now

  10. Well, having played a half dozen games now, it’s not bad. I fitted a gun layer, but no shell rammer, so the aim time isn’t annoyingly slower than the reload, carry 100 octane fuel to give it pretty good acceleration and speed on the flat, and it performed well enough. It’s not great, but it did OK, and it was fun. It’ll earn some useful extra XP.

    1. Anonymous says:

      So thanks for GNITIHS on the sea server again by telling them it will get their sentinel early; one hour early to other servers:/
      how much avg damage are you doing. because i was gong to buy this out of aussie pride but since Wg have made the ONE aussie tank so statistically bad In game i decided to get a Wz111 instead. But if you assure its good enough i might get it sooner or later.

  11. It manages 50 damage per hit, I think. Not at all much, I admit! However, it seems to have good pen, if you hit (wait to aim…). Took out another Sentinel on my first battle, including frontal hits, but some bounced too. Likewise, on my second trip, I bounced a few on both a Hetzer & an M3 Lee frontally, but penned more. I got the Hetzer’s lower plate, but got the hell out of it when an O-I Exp showed up to help him! The Lee has pretty good frontal armour, but the Sent was fast enough to get round his flank, but it was a city fight so limited space & he eventually got me, even though, for some odd reason, he was firing HE! Hit me about 10 times for about 20-odd damage…

    It’s fun. Not a great tank, but fun.

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