9.17 Supertest Overview

Good day everyone,

WG has just put up an overview of what to expect in the 9.17 Supertest server. Here is what you need to know…

Swedish Tanks

Both the much hyped Swedish TD line and hybrid light/medium/heavy line will be available. Particular attention to the new hydro-pneumatic suspension mechanics of the high tier TDs.

For those who are wondering about the new mechanic, WG posted this a few weeks ago:

Revised Overmatch Mechanics

Another change will be the introduction of a new overmatch mechanic. Replacing the current system, this new version will factor in impact angle as well as shell caliber. This will effectivly increase the armor effeciency of thinly armored but well sloped vehicles, such as the Swedish TDs.


Changes to Premium Vehicles

Battle stats and player feedback have gone in to a series of changes for underperforming premiums:


(Direct infographic link for those having trouble reading it)

New Minimaps

WG is continuing the replacement of the in game minimaps with its new simpler style:


– A new preset available in Settings for 5.1/7.1 acoustic systems.

– Target lock will have a sound notification.

– Sound tab now has a option to turn your mic on.

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