9.17 Supertest Overview

Good day everyone,

WG has just put up an overview of what to expect in the 9.17 Supertest server. Here is what you need to know…

Swedish Tanks

Both the much hyped Swedish TD line and hybrid light/medium/heavy line will be available. Particular attention to the new hydro-pneumatic suspension mechanics of the high tier TDs.

For those who are wondering about the new mechanic, WG posted this a few weeks ago:

Revised Overmatch Mechanics

Another change will be the introduction of a new overmatch mechanic. Replacing the current system, this new version will factor in impact angle as well as shell caliber. This will effectivly increase the armor effeciency of thinly armored but well sloped vehicles, such as the Swedish TDs.


Changes to Premium Vehicles

Battle stats and player feedback have gone in to a series of changes for underperforming premiums:


(Direct infographic link for those having trouble reading it)

New Minimaps

WG is continuing the replacement of the in game minimaps with its new simpler style:


– A new preset available in Settings for 5.1/7.1 acoustic systems.

– Target lock will have a sound notification.

– Sound tab now has a option to turn your mic on.

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9.17 Supertest Overview

45 thoughts on “9.17 Supertest Overview

    1. banjoman150 says:

      Forget about the IS3 … all T10 russian meds will get much much stronger turrets and IS4 will also have superturret.
      But in spite of that i like it because it always bugged me that you could penetrate weakly armored parts no matter the angle

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        Well, it does make sense that if you hit weak armour really, really hard it will fold like tissue paper and not miraculously deflect it. There’s a point where things just can’t hold up.

        And overmatch was not a guaranteed penetration, an AP shell from a howitzer would, despite having the caliber (i.e. the mass) not be able to penetrate because it would still face a plate with a ludicrous effective thickness (a 300-400% modifier) and the low velocity means low penetration.

    1. Schavuit says:

      Well, with the IS-6 to which it frequently gets compared to getting that armour buff with the HD model, the WZ-111 really fell behind. It is good to see the mobility buff to make it more like its fast tier 9 brother and having an accuracy buff to compensate for the considerably weaker armour than the IS-6. They will be more equal, but in different ways.

      It is actually exactly what I wanted to see for this tank after the IS-6 got its HD model and I found the tank to be lacking/powercreeped. Buff its strong points, not make it a Chinese IS-6 by buffing its armour.

      I don’t really compare it with the 112 actually, I don’t know how they will compare now.

    2. Compared to the 112 after it’s massive series of buffs, the 111 was definitely left in the dust comparatively, and played much less effectively, rendering it somewhat of a pointless vehicle. Now, it looks like it’s competitive with the new 112, if not a bit better in some areas, like how it was before the 112 got its huge series of buffs..

  1. BuubyTrap says:

    I didn’t even recognize the Tundra minimap – I actually had to go in to the game and scan through the training room map selection.

  2. Ioruba - NA server says:

    say good buy low tier veicules for pen IS6 and IS3 roofs 😛 And is6 / kv5 to pen is3 roof aswell, fuck you WG always making GOD tanks more OP then they already are!

    Too much gay

  3. ok, they still forget about T26 SP. They buff everything except for that thing. Hell, even M46 Ripper 90mm M3 have much higher AP penetration than T26E4, with 90mm T15E1 (improved 90mm gun, historical better than old 90mm M3 on M26 . Even M26 90mm T15E2M2 get penetration buffed for awhile

    1. DeanoGTO says:

      the super pershing is still pretty dam powerful yeah id say if it was to get a buff of some sort id say it would for it to have probably a higher horsepower engine no changes to the gun because its a prem and its already got a shit ton of armor so a bit of extra mobility id say would be better than a gun buff but thats just me. i never really have problems with the gun pen.

    2. They will probably buff the T26 SP but I think they are trying to be careful with changing pref mm tanks so as to avoid a KV-5 problem since minute changes to preff mm tanks have a butterfly effect and wargaming’s no nerf money tanks policy would shoot them in the foot

    3. Anonymous says:

      The T25/2 also has a version of that gun and it still has the old 170 mm of pen. As a medium tank or a tank with alpha damage to compensate for the pen, it would be acceptable, except it’s a T25/2. It’s a tank destroyer. And it sucks at its job.

  4. SaltyChinaMan says:

    WZ-111 and 112 are good tanks now. But wait T-34-3 still gets pened bu 92 pen chaffe gun frontally and set on fire either getting ammoracked . The tank is slugish with tragic gun performance. And its most ecpensive tier 8 prem medium.. just gtfo wg … retards

    1. T-34-3 has been buffed a lot compared to its first state. If you buff it again it will practically leave T-34-2 to dust. I’d say it’s a fine premium now, although if you compare it to that overly buffed 112 it’s a totally different matter.

      That said, that was a pretty solid line of buffs. I hope that WZ 111 LFP buff will not make it pennable by a tier 6 with normal ammo anymore. It should not be as good as the rest of soviet/china prem HT, since that gun handling+mobility buffs will improve it at what it does the best: a pseudo medium.

    2. SaltyChinaMan says:

      Are you kidding me ? Medium with bad mobility , no hull armor , tragic aiming time , tragic shell velocity , penetration , useless heat ammo(because you have to stick the gun in the face that horrible 250 heat shell to penetrate anything because bad accuracy and no normalisation + cant pen tracks or spaced armor . And you cant do it like 112 or 111 can – because no armor and hull made out of fuel tanks and ammoracks) . These previous buffs made it from useless pos to pos . Thats it. Try to aim at moving tanks with armor like is-3/6 with your heat . First you gotta wait 1 century to aim , then another to give high enough lead and then pray that your 0.46 acc gun will at least hit it , then pray that shell wont be absorbed by stalin black holes …. but nah. Tank is fine comrade. Lets buff russian stronk tenks by removing 3calibers rule . Daaa!!! I played 4000 battles in T-34-3 , got 3 marks with 99.7% …. tank got potential but ….. it pains to wait one patch after another for some love.
      ps.: only dumb idiots use 122 on t-34-2.

      1. DeanoGTO says:

        t34 2 is actually a lot of fun with the 122. its probably my favorite tier 8 med right now because its hilarious to play.

      2. SirNopp says:

        122mm on the T-34-2 is the way to go. Use the 100mm and you’ll be a shitty T-44 with worst mobility and gun stats. The 122 on the T-34-2 is by far the best thing you can use since it’s so much better than the 122mm on the T-44 and the small size of the T-34-2 and turret armour gives you enough time to derp the enemy in the face. Never use the 100mm unless you are a masochistic prick

    3. That sounds like an exageration as a chaffee needs a flat angle to go through your hull and you’d be silly to gove it to him even if he fired gold at you. The t-34-3 had a recent buff and it is fairly impressive compared to most other tier 8 mediums with a very unique medium tank style and pref mm. I feel like this is a personal issue and the t-34-3 just does not match your play style. (Ie. What zeroyuki says is true).

      Also, stop comparing a medium tank with a 112 or WZ-111, their play styles and objectives are different unless you’re playing a t-34-3 as a heavy tank, I think I saw you trying to get into a gun fight with an E75 last game, if so, thank you for the xp and credits.

  5. DeanoGTO says:

    i had such an evil laugh when i saw the fv4202 got a top speed buff 😀 thats the main issue for that tank gone 🙂 ALSO the lowe change depending on how much armor is added could help that tank massively same with the wz111 because that tanks lower plate was such a pain.

    also nice changes for the m4 rev and panther 88 sta 2 because for mediums they were very slow in comparison to their competition.

    cant really judge the changes on the wz111 even though it was still playable you could tell when fighting a 112 that you were in the worse tank cant judge the lowe until i see how much armor was added but any additional armor is good for that tank because it was soo weak and the gun depression was a surprise buff for me i didnt expect that but it could make that tank a bit more flexible when it gets to the fight rather than still being awkward as hell in certain terrain.

    overall seems good but need more details before i can be certain about the changes.

    (if they just made the lowe front plate 140mm that wouldnt be enough in my opinion i would say 160 is the minimum that tank needs frontally but id say itd probably need more because tier 6s penning a tier 8 ht frontally is ridiculous)

  6. interesting changes to the lowe it will make it wildly un historical now… They better add alot of armour to it if they expect it to work cos alot of the mid plate on the lowe has virtually no angle to it

    1. Actually, löwe had 2 different Blueprints, One had 140mm armor and alot of different things, and one had like 120 or less. also, Both blueprints had different guns, one had 120mm gun and the one with 140 mm armor had a 140mm gun or bigger.

  7. So looking forward to the new swedish tanks and looking for some clarification on the overmatch mechanics since the news is pretty vague ^^ I think it’s pretty clear wargaming’s new premium tank policy is to make these tanks equally competitive with other equal tiered tanks despite their enhanced credit making potential so we’ll see a lot more players with a lot more credits. On the one hand, players will be encouraged to try new tanks, on the other hand, all these extra credits mean more premium round spam. Guess we’ll see some premium round rebalancing in small doses over the future if this patch goes through as is.

    1. seems like there is no over match rule anymore.. Just if the cal is bigger it will go through at a greater angle than before. …Making tanks like is-3 unable to be pend through the roof at range anymore cos the angle will be to high

      1. That sounds rather frightening, but at 20mm thick it would be absurd for it to repel a shell caliber 5 to 6 times thicker like for 105’s and 122’s. On the plus side, the roof of the Tiger II, VK45.02 A and 110 won’t be over matched anymore as well meaning they might be more competitive. I don’t know if I’m understanding this correctly but it seems like a bigger emphasis on armor.

  8. Infernal969 says:


  9. Tommy_Gun says:

    I think WG should also update the in-game penetration indicator (green, yellow, red dots). Right now this only compares armor thickness to gun penetration. It does not take in to account armor angles.

    So basicly all it does is it gives you “hope” 😀

  10. Change the overmatch system to me angled armour more usef…..nahhh

    Say what you mean. To make the Russian tanks even more ridiculously OP. Well done. Now E100 can’t pen is7 or is roof. Tiger 2 cannot pen is3 roof.

    Seriously….is your balance department one big joke? How are tanks like the IS-3 still in the game as they are. One example here….the IS-3 dispersion on turret traverse is the SAME AS THE M48 PATTON TIER 10 MEDIUM!?!?!?! What the fuck WG?

    1. bbmoose says:

      They should get rid of the idiotic spaced armour on the sides of the IS-3. If you get one at his side, it should be a guaranteed pen. That’s the thing that annoys me the most. And nerf the gunhandling, 0.08 dispersion while moving the turret is insane, gun handling and dpm should be worse than on tanks like the Tiger II and other tanks that don’t rely on armour and mobility.

      1. Completely agree. Gun dispersion needs to he a it worse. None of this 400 snapshots with IS-3 bullshit.
        And yes the side armour is broken as fuck. You have this tiny small area to pen IS-3 flat side on. Whereas any other tier 8 heavy is an easy pen side on, even tanks like the O-Ho who sacrifices bth gun and mobility t get armour. But IS-3 has better armour, mobility and gun. It really is a completely broken OP tank.

        Best example is if you look at tier 8 strongholds, team battles or clan wars. You see nothing but a sea of IS-3.

        At least at tier 10 there are different heavies for different roles and positions and the same for tier 6. At tier 8 it really doesn’t matter what map, what position, what role. Yout take IS-3.

  11. Zakk says:

    Löwe buff??? This is big shame for WG…. most expensive tank with bad armor…and speed.Whats with löwe dpm??? Maus is faster…this is shame…from WG…and revalorise??? Armor not exist… who wants play him??

  12. David Norris says:

    I think the Swedish tanks are going to be arty bait. I can see every game people are going to say, “arty, concentrate on swedish tank.” When you go into the funky mode, you are arty bait.

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