25 of April


just a small update, today, 25 of April, is the 42th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal.

It’s a national holiday for my people. Also the reason why my grandfather came back from the war sooner and what my Great-grand father died for, like many others who were hunted down or tortured by the PIDE (International and State Defence Police).

So please excuse as I took the day to contact my family as this means more than just a national holiday for us. Later on will be watching “April Captains” movie:

Note: Reason why most of the Carnation Revolution videos have the same song “Grândola, Vila Morena” it’s because it was the song chosen as a green light code, that the Revolution was about to take place as back in the day we didn’t have internet or proper fast ways of communication (most of the country was unaware of what was happening in Lisbon until everything was over). The lyrics are about the common people being the rulers and all equal, writing or singing something like this was highly forbidden, PIDE would censor everything and jail us. The singer and writer of the song, Zeca Afonso, he did a lot of intervention music. Also the reason why Grandola, Vila Morena is so slow-paced is because that’s how we speak (dialect) and traditional sing in this area of Portugal.


I still however been working on some articles for the blog but they are extensive and need their time, expect them tomorrow.

Hope you understand.

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