26/04/2016 Q&A


have a new Q&A for you, gathered by Edrard and translated by Ivan:


– There are no plans for big premium vehicle rebalance, it’s possible some partial buffs are comming
– Lowe will not be buffed, it’s doing fine statistically
– It’s too early to tell whether the devs will introduce new matchmaker, they are running experiments now
– Tier 9-10 Czechs are doing fine statistically (considering the type of players that use them)
– The developers don’t consider the gold shells for silver to be the reason for HT camping
– There are no plans to introduce skipping personal missions for gold
– WoT already has multicore support, its extension will come later with a new engine
– HD maps: “when it’s done it’s done”
– Havok will definitely not come in 9.15
– Japanese heavies will get a nerf, they are doing too well (RG: No sh*t Sherlock!)
– 64bit exe file for WoT? “No comment”
– XP for tanking? “Not fow now in 9.15”
– There are no plans to compensate players for purchasing the inscriptions and camos for tier 6 price on Pz V/IV now that it’s being moved to tier 5
– There are no plans to disable the feature of tanks turning on their roofs
– The developers would like to make 5.1 sound for WoT, Storm has to ask whether there are any plans
– Small changes of vehicles in 9.15 are not tied to global rebalance, that will come later
– 9.15 should reduce the amount of crashes and freezes
– Tier 10 Waffentrager will not have alternative guns
– No plans to change the three caliber rule for now
– The Rampage will be removed completely for an overhaul
– There are no plans to add training rooms for one person or to add bots to training rooms
– Paris and Berlin maps in random battles? “No comment”
– Chieftain Mk.6 will not replace the FV215b
– There are no plans to rework the personal missions where you have to kill 2 HT’s that are 2 tiers higher with a HT
– The switch from WT E-100 to Grille will be simple, the crew will have the same setup, so it will just get retrained
– WT E-100 has worse camo than its replacement
– There are no final plans for the T-54 Light rebalance/nerf
– WT E-100 statistics will display separately from the Grille ones
– There are plans to add XP bonus for playing in platoons, the higher the tiers, the higher the bonus, but there is nothing definitive decided yet
– There are no plans for now to introduce LT10s since current LT8s count are LT10s already. LTs as a whole will be rebalanced during the upcoming global rebalance
– The developers haven’t found any evidence of the vehicles moving slower in reverse than they did before:

“We can’t diagnose the problem. Nobody is $$%&$ playing “£$^£$ dumb.”


“For now we found nothing, which is what I am saying. But you’re acting as usual. Screw this.”

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