26/05/2016 Q&A


EiKarrRamba from WG-News (I recommend it to everyone who speaks German) compiled some questions to Wargaming for his blog and was kind enough to send me the transcript:

How/why has it been decided to replace the WT auf E-100 with the Grille 15? Isn’t it possible or was it considered to keep both in the game at tier 10?

Waffenträger auf Е-100 was removed from the game due to the following two reasons:

  • The vehicle was completely unhistorical and very different gameplay-wise from the preceding vehicles in the branch.
  • The vehicle stood out in terms of combat effectiveness from vehicles of the same type and tier.

Thus, we decided to remove it from the branch. The future of the vehicle is still undecided.

Are there any plans about changing the map rotation? Some players are having the feeling for a long time now, that they are always playing the same maps.

The matchmaking system is about to undergo an overhaul in the future: with the new system, maps will be rotating correctly.

Feedback by the players was considered with update 9.15 and you already changed/adjusted a few tanks. How was the decision taken, to exactly choose these particular tanks?

We have heard the voice of our players and estimated the time to adjust these vehicles. The amount of work was acceptable, and we managed to implement these changes in time for Update 9.15.

Mods are currently a hot topic in the German community. As you were recently turning back towards the community, is there any preliminary result that can be shared about that topic from behind the scenes?

I can’t comment on internal change at the moment but we take fairness very seriously and we want to ensure that our tankers have the best gameplay experience possible. Moving forward we will continue to be supportive of our modders but we will definitely begin cracking down on any mods that create unfair advantages or exploit game mechanics. This is a priority for us, please stay tuned for more specific information.

The Grille 15 is well appreciated in the Supertest so far and some players are frightened about the tank immediately receiving a nerf. Do you have anything you can say about it, to calm down the players?

We changed the characteristics of the Grille 15 several times during the Supertest and Common Test. We’ve done our best to adjust the vehicle’s parameters and we do not intend to change them after the release. However, as you know, we plan to perform a global rebalancing of all vehicles in the game, and it may affect the vehicle.

It was already said a couple of times that artillery is going to be adjusted/changed. Is there anything you can already say about it?

We have scrutinized the issues related to this vehicle type, analyzed feedback from those players who drive SPGs and those who face SPGs in battle. This vehicle type will be affected by the global rebalancing. The specifics will be announced later. So sorry to say so – no spoilers here.

The T-22 is going to receive a rather drastic nerf. How was this extreme decision taken?

After a thorough analysis of statistics on this vehicle, it was decided to adjust several parameters to bring its combat effectiveness to the level of researchable Tier X MTs. At the same time, its main feature—strong frontal and side armor—remained unchanged.

With having the dynamic display of vehicle characteristics in the garage, are there any other similar changes planned?

If we are talking about implementation of third-party modifications into the game, then yes, we intend to continue the practice of adding their functionality to the game client.

What is the reason for update 9.15 being a bit smaller for the players than previous updates?

This update is aimed at refining two major features: physics and sound. We have also improved characteristics of several premium vehicles; the first step towards the global vehicle rebalancing was made. We also continued the practice of reinforcing the technical base for future advancements in the game. However, the update has little to offer in terms of content (new maps/vehicles/objects). Thus, its size is smaller than usually, but not the smallest patch we had.

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