27/03/2016 Q&A: Maxim Chuvalov


been feeling under the weather, got a cold and I’m never the happiest/most productive person around this time of the year, lost someone close around this date, life happens, anyway…

Finally finished translating a Q&A from Maxim Chuvalov, a Marketing Product Manager from Wargaming:


What will happen the the Grille 15?
No final decision has been taken yet (if Grille 15 will substitute the Waffentrager E-100), we are collecting statistics and feedback from the test server and from the supertesters who are playing on the test server as well.

There are a variety of mods that give a advantage against players who play in vanilla, why not add them to the client to make things fair?
The first steps have been already taken (Minimap options) and we are currently working on other mods to add in the client. We don’t care that players feel uncomfortable for having to reinstall mods after each patch (illegal ones included), not to mention its security risks. We want the most useful mods to eventually make into the game.

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Are you considering adding variations to the maps, example, night versions?

That’s not our priority, I personally tried the night maps from the console version and don’t think they bring a lot of fun. As for the PC version, I believe that is better to concentrate on more important subjects like matchmaker, balance and artillery

The Light Tank role has been obsolete for some time now, what’s you opinion about them?

At the beginning there existed fewer tiers and nations, LTs played conjointed with SPGs but with the increase of vehicles and in particular introduction of tier 10 MTs its role lost importance.

We are currently working on rebalancing the classes to restore their intended role purpose, including LTs and even crew skills, that’s our main priority. there no details but we will disclose information on its development.

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With the development of new Premium tanks continues, will you change the existing ones?

Yes, there are a number of tanks, that caused discontent and we are reworking their statistics, roughly speaking, improve them. Developing new tanks, specially premiums is is not a current priority.


Are you satisfied with 9.14?

We collected feedback from the playerbase and content producers (bloggers etc) and in general its positive. It helped that we organized 3 newER Physics tests (they took their time with it) and of course player feedback helped too.

And talking about something big/important like the New Physics  we took in consideration that it affects 100% of the players. The last time a global update of this kind took place was in the patch 8.0, when we first introduced physics and tanks finally detached from the ground. Now, many say that this update was the best in history, of course initially there were a lot of complaints and bugs but we took our time and will fix and improve to receive even more positive feedback, players will eventually become accustomed(to the NewER Physics).

Have the NewER Physics greatly changed the game’s dynamic?

Besides realism, the mian objective of the NewER Physics introduction was to give vehicles more movement options/better suspensions: Handbrake turns, drifts, etc.

This is a huge improvement to the vehicles manoeuvrability but in general the game dynamics will continue the same. Light Tanks are the only only class that really became affected, LTs may suffer with inertia and flipping but at least their room for maneuver is now bigger.

If your tank flips, is its game over for you?

No, Allies can flip you back and you can still fire the gun. I had such situation happening, flipped with my M41 Walker Bulldog but managed to destroy 2 enemies before being sent back to hangar.

RG: Maybe creating a WarThunder-like pulling chain would be a wise idea? Humping a each others like hornydogs to unflip vehicles its not the best of things.

About Ukrainian Localization: 

From In-Game to Portal news , we translated the game completely in the Ukrainian language. We are still gathering statistics but there is already plenty of positive feedback from the players.

Why did the sounds changes and how have you done it?

We decided to change because the previous engine was very outdated, we switched to Audiokinetic Wwise, a new and very good engine that is easier to work with and introduce changes as well. By the way, this engine is used in big games like Assassins Creed.

We are currently gathering even more sounds. For example gun sounds,  we have 6 separate calibres and each calibre sound is divided into 3 shot distances accompanied by a randomiser. Depending of the gun calibre and range, the shots will sound different.

Was intended that the sounds from certain vehicles have become less impressive?

Before, each vehicle had its own sound characteristics making them look more realistic. The Dev team travelled around the world, recording samples of each sound aspect of the vehicles and this is what you got in the game, the sounds of the real machines.

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And to finalize, I want players to know that we are trying to become more clean and transparent. We are providing much more information and collected all the feedback. So stay tuned.



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27/03/2016 Q&A: Maxim Chuvalov

29 thoughts on “27/03/2016 Q&A: Maxim Chuvalov

  1. x says:

    “we are trying to become more clean and transparent. “… Good, then start explaining the match rigging procedures in detail, described in the US8425330 B1patent: http://www.google.com/patents/US8425330

    “as the player’s win/loss ration increases, the player becomes more likely to be placed in battles having battle levels at the upper end of the allowable range. Thus, when a player has been repeatedly put into too many difficult battles, the balancing is done in favor of easier battle sessions, thereby encouraging the player by providing an easier game environment. Similarly, when the player has been repeatedly put into too many easy battles, the balancing is done in favor of harder battle sessions, thereby keeping the player challenged instead of letting the player become bored with easy games.”

    Thanks. 😉

    1. Isnes says:

      Any SOLID proof that this was implemented? (No, it isn’t enough that TomatoJoe said that MM is rigged.) You can patent a lot of stuff without cerating/implementing it. Until you can show me a proof that this was implemented, stop whining.

      Thanks. 😉

      1. This was said in several Q&A’s in the old FTR blog, that when you win to much, you get more bottom tier battles and vice versa.

      2. Isnes says:

        To be honest I haven’t noticed this. Even when I’m on a winning streak I’m usually top tier, or there is a +1 tier MM most of the time.

        For example last night out of 20 matches I was 6 times in +1 tier MM, 2 times I was bottom tier when I was driving scouts and all the other times I was top tier and I had a winrate of 65%

      3. x says:

        Your subjective little experiences mean nothing, unlike stuff included in an official document. Until you have proof that it wasnt implemented, stfu, thanks. 😉

      4. Isnes says:

        Tell me where is it included in that official document that it was implemented in the game.

        Thanks. 😉

      5. (Not Sure) Brondo has what plants crave. says:

        Why don’t you go buy a new car and let it sit in the driveway and never drive it.
        You FANBOYS need to STFU with the Obummer entitlement Whining.
        Just because you cannot see the program running on wotlab does not mean nobody else can’t see it either.
        Lets see YOUR patent that you wasted time and money on that you do not use and went to court over because another company was using it. Hint! (FREE entitlement for you!)

    2. 0blomov says:

      X – Thank you for digging up and posting the above patient abstract, you deserve cake. +1
      Rita – you deserve more whisky and disco. +2

    3. Anonymous says:

      MM rigid is oh yes how you explain losind 20 times in a row for 3 days and then you start winning all your games???? you get better???you have more luck ..>>having better team!!!!!!!! this is your proof..MM rigid confirm

  2. DoctorBest says:

    Now, all they have to do is to actually deliver on their promises. Well, I know it will take some time, but they’ll have to show some results soon(TM), or people will start calling them out and they’ll lose the little consumer good-will they have gained.

    1. I would imagine the tank was more an artillery than anything else. The gun would be held in place until it fired. I would recommend if WG considered the regular Grille tanks with a shorter 128cm and 15cm.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Well, just give it crazy high dispersion upon moving the tank to simulate that it needs to be still to fire. Maybe buff the aim time or other soft stats by a lot to compensate.

    2. You can fit almost anything on such a small lightweight chassis. Almost all of the Waffentrager type vehicles (including such things as the M12/M53/M55) have outriggers and spades that are deployed to support and stabilize the vehicle.

      As soon as you put anything bigger then the 75mm L48 on a Waffentrager you basically MUST have the spades deployed to fire the gun safely.

      1. There was one Waffentrager that was actually built. It looked very much like the WT Aufs Pz IV. It had the capability of mounting many guns including large 105, 128, and 15cm guns. The version that was built had a 105mm gun.

        There is also the WT mounting the 8,8cm with no outriggers in sight. Krupp-Steyr for example.

  3. Unhappy says:

    So, at the end of today my win rate was 15%, because WG seem to love fucking me over and giving me nothing but teams of worthless east euro scum and bots.
    Well, after spending over £4k on this game, I have decided to invest some money into giving WG some of those ‘BOOMS’ they have introduced into this game.
    Rita, tell those cunts at WG some gifts will be on the way soon, they’ll fucking regret giving me this shit, 100% guaranteed.

    1. Exhar Khun says:

      Congratulations, you have just committed a crime in the country where you live, where Rita lives, where this blog is hosted and in all the countries where Wargaming has offices. You went from being a nobody to international criminal in 83 words.

  4. wolvenworks says:

    Y’know what’s worse than having your tanks hump like a pair of hornydogs to unflip? Having no one to unflip you and being stuck 90 degrees sideways. Very lethal to noob LT players like me when paired with an ELC and a cliff edge in Abbey

  5. W4cky says:

    More proof that the main WG office should just stick to developing for the RU community. I’ve tried some night battles on the PS4 version and they are great! I don’t understand how he said they were not fun. When you play 16k battles on most of the current map rotations, the game is far from fun anymore. As far as I’m concerned, the console dev team is doing the job of taking the game forward. Better graphics, better sound right at the start basically, more new features than PC will ever hope to have. Environmental effects like was recently unveiled, map variations, urban camouflage, new crew skills. I’m sure the list will keep growing as time goes on. If consoles ever get keyboard/mouse support, moving there for sure.

  6. these morons at WG don’t realize that it’s Tier 10 mediums that are broken. they jack of trades and master of everything. nerf mediums and scouts will have a roll to play again

    1. Anonymous says:

      Good to see you have no reading comprehension… WG just said that one of the big reasons LT’s are irrelevant now was the introduction of Tier 10 mediums…

      “At the beginning there existed fewer tiers and nations, LTs played conjointed with SPGs but with the increase of vehicles and in particular introduction of tier 10 MTs its role lost importance.”

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