28/03/2016 Q&A: Storm


Big thanks to Ivan who translated this Storm Q&A and Edrard for compiling another Storm’s Q&A:

– Tipping a tank over in WoT is much more difficult than in real life, the developers did it intentionally
– There’s no problem with the tank mass
– The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon
– Skill MM will definitely not be introduced to random battles
– Information about planned changes will only be released before each specific patch
– The profitability of premium tanks wasn’t touched
– FV4005 will not be rebalanced anytime soon
– The decision to replace Lorrain 40t with Batchat 25t AP is not definitive yet
– Problems with picture freezing in the game are usually tied to the issues of the specific PC or settings
– The nerf of the reverse speed was only working on seriously slopes, there’s no need to whine about all reverse speeds
– The new HD models are having more polygons than before
– The new client that’s being tested now will have more garage tank filters. Regarding tank carousel and several layers of tanks on it: “not everything at once”
– Regarding current artillery whine: there used to be much more arties in the game and they were much stronger. The artillery situation right now is not normal and needs no fixing – the truth is somewhere in the middle
– There are no map changes planned for 9.15


– Regarding these pictures, this is not a bug, but special ramps so that the tanks wouldn’t have trouble driving over them, this was a crutch for the old physics and can be removed now from the collision model, it’s not really a big deal
– Premium tanks are not being nerfed, in fact they get buffed a bit in almost every patch
– The developers don’t like forbidden mods but won’t disclose how they are fighting them-“for reasons”
– There are no plans to buff the Black Prince, the tank is nice according to Storm
– New tanks or branches? “no comment”, there are all kinds of changes possible to the release plan, so nothing concrete yet
– Artillery rebalance will not come in 9.15 but later
– There were no silent tier 5-6 profitability nerfs in 2011
– WG patchnotes are not generated by a robot

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28/03/2016 Q&A: Storm

77 thoughts on “28/03/2016 Q&A: Storm

  1. The_Lone_Texan says:

    If you press “f1” or whatever the help key is set up for you on your keyboard, I’ve noticed that fixes the esc and enter lock up in game.

    1. Grabarz says:

      Did you tried playing Black Prince at trier 9 battles ? without using gold ammunition? – this tank need to be removed from trier 9 battles otherwise if they buff it it will be even more OP at trier 7 and still shitty at trier 9

      1. Da_Zohan says:

        If anything, it could use a slight buff to it’s MM weight.
        And using premium ammo in a tier 9 game in the BP is not the end of the world.

  2. malkowitch says:

    They just like to write bullshit like that:
    – Regarding current artillery whine: there used to be much more arties in the game and they were much stronger. The artillery situation right now is not normal and needs no fixing – the truth is somewhere in the middle

    The fact is that games where there is no artilery are rare. And there are usually +2 per team. That is at least 1 to many. So don’t even try to give us bullshit like that. You cant use HT advantages with artys what makes them useless in the game. And I will hear bullshit that you have to move first try that then write. They know that artys in the game get from extremely useless to extremely overpowered from game to game and there is no balance in that class. The problem is they don’t give a fuck.

    1. *rubs eyes* This is probably the most cogent arty whine I’ve heard in ages. I was beginning to wonder if I was unaware of some law requiring arty comments to include the word “cancer.”

      In any case, I agree, and I _like_ arty. 1 per team is the right amount, and it’s either OP or UP, depending.

    2. I actually agree on both sides. Arty is just way to random. Damage rolls and accuracy is all over the damage. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than you have of arty fire being reliable. I’ve been one-shotted on first spot in tier X tanks on quite a few occasions. But I also play arty enough to know how random it can be. I’ve been yelling at my T92 on screen why the h*ll every shot seems to land on the very edge of the aim circle. And with a 50 second reload, those matches are not fun.

      For those of you saying “Hurrdurdurremove arty from game”. No, just, no. It’s part of the game and it won’t be removed, we know that and it’s nonsense. But arty does need to be fixed.

    3. Read your history. In World War II, the Soviets used to line up artillery pieces hub to hub using entire artillery regiments. They would destroy anything and every thing in a square km. The Russians still have an ongoing love affair with their “king of battle” artillery. WG will never get rid of the artillery in WoT. The Russians would be up in arms and abandon the game. The EU and NA whiners might rejoice, but WG isn’t going to take that kind of hit to their revenue stream. So… Suck it up!!!

    1. Sturmtiger_304 says:

      Damn, I thought it was a robot writing these patchnotes all along. First I thought it was some crappy low budget program that stated artillery and premium ammo where fine, but a actual human capable of reaching such retarded brain activity is just… disturbing.

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        …the Q&As are not patch notes. Patch notes are just a list of changes in the patch.

        Although the fact that you consider a developer’s thoughts regarding game mechanics ‘retarded’ because they don’t agree with what you want from the game is probably more disturbing.

  3. People will always whine about artys. but the truth is : ISNT FAIR MISS A SHOT, IN A STATIONARY TARGET (sometimes with the size of a TOG or Japanese heavies) AND FULLY AIMED , REPEAT, FULLY AIMED, AFTER WAITING FOR 20+ SECONDS RELOAD…

    1. 20? Try 50 seconds. Yesterday, I had a game in my T92 with 6 shots fired on tier X stationary targets, not even in cover and NONE of the shots even did splash damage. In a T92… Embarrasing. One shot even missed a Maus completely, how do you miss a Maus.

  4. If they are not going to use a Skill MM will definitely not be introduced to random battles, then what? there are far too many lopsided games. Teams with 1 tier 7 HT VS 5 tier 9 HTs, or teams of “reds” vs all Greens. 15 to 2 is not fun for the winner or the loser. I would happily wait a bit longer for a game and have an enjoyable experience regardless of outcome. Maybe as has been suggested by some one YouTube just +1 /-1 MM would be better.

    1. Migsaec says:

      The part about lopsided teams(3 HT vs 7 HT), that’s not exactly something skill MM covers. They just need to force the MM to make sure the teams are actually equal in tank capability and not just MM weight. If one team has 5 top tier HTs, the other team gets 4/5/6 top tier HTs.

      I personally don’t give a shit about the team winning or losing, I do my best, kill tanks, do damage, spot tanks, etc. If its a loss, so be it, I did my part, I pulled my weight, that’s the important part for me. I did my share of the job, I can do better, but sometimes things just don’t happen.

    2. pixywing says:

      +1/-1 MM also makes the game easier to balance as tanks don’t need to be able to play 2 tiers down and still compete while not wrecking tanks 2 tiers below it, although this happens way to often ex: T49 (old name for the it, the tier 5 American TD), O-I. Most of the Japanese Heavy tanks and the Waffle as well as all of the Tier 10 Russian Mediums T-22 especially as well the T-54 all need significant nerfs.

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        Maybe it would make the game easier to balance, but it would also mean that many tanks would need rebalancing. There are tanks that are way too good when top tier but get shat on when bottom tier and their performance balances out between these extremes.

      2. pixywing says:

        Many tanks would, but many tanks need re-balancing now already. This would be a major undertaking, but would result in a far better game. This process would take close to a year to complete, but World of Tanks isn’t going anywhere for at least a couple. If World of Tanks keeps doing what it did last year, it will be dead like World of Warplanes in 3 years tops.

    3. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

      – Skill MM will definitely not be introduced to random battles

      Perfect! No more waste of my money (premium, etc.) for this game which gets more and more worse (shitty)… Thanks WG, you made it too easy to leave.

  5. Sashisusesaseko says:

    I also think that the Black Prince is a nice tank. But I definitely think that the Churchill 7 needs a really big buff in that line

  6. Cantapiedra says:

    – “Regarding current artillery whine: there used to be much more arties in the game and they were much stronger. The artillery situation right now is not normal and needs no fixing – the truth is somewhere in the middle

    Totally bs… They never were as annoying and unbalanced as they are these

    – Artillery rebalance will not come in 9.15 but later…

    Make up your mind… They need no fixing or a rebalance?

    Truth is arty is a device for bad players, they are meant to be unbalanced, exactly for that reason. It’s the only way a complete loser can kill someone, they need arty ingame.

  7. “The artillery situation right now is not normal and needs no fixing – the truth is somewhere in the middle”
    yes, because its OK, when T6 arty hits T8 tanks and ruins his game 🙂 (yesterday: amx 50 100 vs. amx 13 f3… 1 hit -1100HP…)

      1. yes, but when kv-2 shots on u, u can see him… when a skypig shots on u, u have no chance to shot back (and u have no chance to predict when he is shoting at u)

  8. Loch7009 says:

    Arty at the moment is a bit mix and match. The accuracy is completely bullshit. The Reload is Bullshit. The RNGesus is bullshit to the ‘enth degree. But when it does hill for full damage I will put this in 2 stories for You
    Option 1:You’re fully aimed on a target with let’s say for example, a 155mm gun. You fire. You miss by 10 metres. You wait for 20 seconds and fire again. You miss. This continues for the game.
    Possibility: 9/10 Games

    Option 2: You’re fully aimed on the target with the same gun the next match. You fire and hit the target for 750 damage, 1 shotting a Cromwell. You fire again 20 seconds later and hit an O-I for 300 damage. He starts raging. You hit him again for the same. You hit him for 350 for the third time and he’s dead. He starts whinging in chat about how OP arty is. However he hasn’t played 10 games in an arty with a 155mm has He? Never!
    Possibility: 1/10 Games

    So. My Suggestions on how to nerf and fix arty at the same time.
    1. Nerf the damage done by arty. For example bring the T92 damage down to 1500.
    2. Nerf the RNGesus factor. Enough Said
    3. Increase Accuracy. For example increase T92s accuracy from 0.92 to lets say 0.81.
    4. Buff Reload. T92 reload at 1.13(53 seconds). Bring it down to 1.5(40 seconds)
    5. Buff Aim Time. T92. Buff it from 8 seconds to 7.2 seconds.

    Now. This is for all those People who say that arty is OP. It isn’t. Im just bringing it back to a place HALF WAY between SHIT and OP.

    1. One thing you shouldn’t do is increase the rate of fire of arties. The most OP and annoying tanks are the ones that fire the fastest (FV304, Lefh, Bishop etc.). The biggest complaints about arty are the instant oneshots and how badly RNG fucks you over when playing artillery (accuracy, in other words).

      That could be solved by just reducing damage and increasing accuracy. With reduced damage comes less oneshots, making people at the receiving end happier. Better accuracy means more shots hit their target, making the arty players happier. And with the increased hit percentage but lower damage, the damage-per-game of arty stays roughly the same, thus not affecting the global balance.

      1. That makes absolute sense and I think that’s what players have been saying for a while now. But it takes forever for WG to listen. They say they are doing something about it, but without the willingness to share any intel on it, we just have to hope for the best and hopefully they won’t do something stupid like the general arty nerf they did the last time, which only made things worse.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Arty’s module damage needs some fixing. Yesterday in my T110E5 I was killed in two shots by an artillery platoon. The first shot from an Object 261 hit my turret and killed my commander, driver, and gunner, but only dealt 750 damage and hit my turret cheek. The second shot, which came before I could even pick who to use first aid on, was from an M40-43 which killed my loader. I died with half of my health left because of that, but my gun, ammo rack, observation device, and tracks were also damaged, from only two shots that did not penetrate.

    2. Loch7009 buddy
      After being 1 shot countless times by ‘stupid OP Arty’ and ‘removed’ from the game in 1st minute and while moving?
      Arty that can 1 shot a T8 tank (and above) straight back to the garage at the start of a game is UNBALACED and wrong

      my response is –
      after your ridiculous whine for improving high tier Arty more?
      you will get even more arty hate than is in the game now – I see players IGNORE every tank in front of them for the pleasure of chasing down to kill ANY Arty
      – and that is wrong! Arty is bad for the game as it is today, very bad it unbalances already unbalanced teams further with a Match Maker system that is broken and not works

    3. Anonymous says:

      The problem with reduce alpha/ prevent one shot is deciding a benchmark. Do you nerf T10 arty so it can’t one-shot kill a T10 tanks or T8 tanks. Also do you pick HT, MT, or LT as your benchmark. It would be laughable that a T92 can’t one-shot a T8 light.

      Moreover, how to you balance alpha among different barrel size. If T92 (200mm +) has 1500 max alpha, what about BC arty (155mm)? Do you make its alpha less than 1000?

      Also, arty will do really small damage on non-pen shots if you reduce alpha without modifying HE damage formula.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “– The developers don’t like forbidden mods but won’t disclose how they are fighting them-“for reasons””
    They do not disclose anything, because they do not do anything…. sad.

  10. ksks8712@gmail.com says:

    – The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon

    you can avoid the bug by pressing Ctrl then pressing escape/enter

  11. Gkirmathal says:

    What happened to 2016 being the year of change???
    Reading this gives me the clear impression the promises made to listen to, well argument-ed, players has already gone out of the window. They seemingly are already, again!, dismissing any change that would actually address some core issues player have with the current state of the game.
    And what do they release for translations, only dismissals to all the arguments, as if handing us a large middle finger which is wrapped in pink ribbon….gg

    Oh and why the heck does Storm still have a say in anything? Was it for jack-sh1t he was relocated to Cyprus, as I was under the impression it was because of his ‘failing’ in 2015 in general.

    1. Gkirmathal says:

      Excuses, I’m just a little pissed and rather salty towards WG at the moment after seeing theire stance actually does not seem changed at all in some respects 🙁

      1. I might offer the observation that what you want as “change” isn’t what they intend to change, therefore you won’t see the changes that are being made. The improvement in physics has been marked for lighter vehicles, with the associated risks. I’m far more interested in that that the MM issues people seem to have for example.

      2. Gkirmathal says:

        @HedgeHog, indeed you have a valid point.
        But for me it stems from the fact that most Q&A’s/posted conversations/feedback only convey ‘dismissals of addressed issues’ towards (the Russian) players, instead of actually revealing what innovative ways they are thinking up to address the issues players are addressing.
        See GumblingGranades thread on EU general for example. Lots of valid well argumented idea’s flowing in that thread, pro and against it.
        But to mee it still seems most well formulated and thought out idea’s are still dismissed by WG, in an utter sarcastic fashion, without conveying their own view on a problem thru constructive arguments.

        The above caters what, IMO, to player getting the feeling of not being taken serious and not being heard.

        Bla I type too much 😛

  12. kilo_india_alpha says:

    Yeah I know the reasons for not making the anti cheat mod stuff public. It is the same reason why they did not make the anti T-22sr rigging script public… THERE IS NO.

    It would literally be illegal in most European countries to scan the HD for mods and WG would face severe legal consequences if they even tried. They could reduce it be removing res_mods but thats it.

    And now back to my T22sr statement. The player 150g_Leberwurst needed slightly under 2 matches per mission in the rampage mode to get his/her T22… Stronk tool WG. I would like to see a statement from Ectar on that.

    1. There is no need to remove mods at all, there are very several (a lot actually) systems already available and used by other game developers for this. One of those is the requirement to implement mod installation into the GUI and only allowed signed mods by WG in it. Yes, there is potential for abuse, but anti-cheat systems and encryption can be implemented to check those. However, WG claims they don’t have the manpower for this. Hard to believe, considering their last years revenue…

  13. More Broken promises and more Lies from Wargame – seen it all before every year
    just sack Storm please that slimy guy realty pisses me off

    2016 the year of change and rebalance to ‘fix the game’ we all watched the videos from Cyprus by Jingles, Rita and QB
    – now its the same usual Russian response *uck you EU players no changes! we were just doing ‘publicity PR event’ to pretend we care and listen, we don’t!

    Wargame always chasing the money ~ comfortable balanced Gameplay? screw that! just buy Premiums and Gold the only priority from Wargame
    (££££ $$$$ €€€€€ there that’s the only truth nothing else

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hate conflicting information. First we’re told that they made it too easy to flip because WOT physics treats every object as rigid (the ground, metal on a tank, rubble and buildings ect don’t have any give to them when hit) so they were increasing gravity to make it feel more realistic. Now we’re told it’s easier to flip tanks in real life. Erm? Way is storm talking about. Going down a very steep slope yes, tanks do flip, I’ve seen the photos. But I flipped my Luchs on flat level ground by hitting a wooden cart while turning. Tell me that tanks do that in real life storm, go on, tell me. How about rolling tanks doing several complete rolls on level sft ground because the physics don’t model the tank sinking a bit into the terrain and stopping? Are tanks the future of the wheel as we know it? I think not. Please stop feeding us conflicting information, its half the reason players treat WG as idiots, because to us it’s like you cannot make up your own minds.

    1. I never rolled a tank in the eight years I was in them – never saw it happen to someone else in reality either. Do it at least once per sit down with WOT.

  15. Ares says:

    About Prem tanks. Lowe, one of oldest tanks, is way, way wrose then a lot of tier 8 prem tanks. Like people say u cant compere Lowe to IS 6. Why? I cant gun, but IS 6 makes a lot of credits, much more then Lowe. Funny, how WG ballance game. Like from all tier 8 prem tanks with 175 pen, 112, WZ 111 is way worse then IS 6. Is we comper IS 3a,IS5, Lowe and T34, Lowe is worse, cuz of no speed, no armor on hull, and way to low dpm for his alpha….Ofc gun soft stats Lowe have best, but only T34 is really fuck up by gun soft stats. IS’s have better, for same alpha….like wtf..This is pure joke, tank with 320 alpha, has second worst dpm of all tier 8 prem tank with full mm …And they ballance game? where, so what will have 9.15 ? no map changes, ok, 16 HD tanks, no arty reballance, no prem ammo reballance…Some tank will get buff? Or only one good tier 8 ht will be still is 3?

    1. Viktor_Wulf says:

      Skill Based MMs could (if implemented correctly) result in games of complete teams bots and afkers have 15 long minute battles where not a shot is fired, and they get no appreciable credits. Leaving those of us humans who actually TRY to win in other matches with a better experience.

      If WG were to implement a tier system, there would still be some incentive for the unicums to play (bragging rights: “Yes, I’m at 51%, but I’m 51% in the Super Godly Tier, you Average Tier pubby!”) while simultaneously keeping those more likely to drive into a river than contribute to the team away from teams actually trying for the win.

      I know seal clubbers will cry . . . but what good are people like that anyway?

  16. More of the same old BS. Its your fault, its your PC’s fault, we don’t care what you think [oops did I say that out loud?!?] Sorry WoT, you have used up all your chances, I play AW almost exclusively now.

    1. “– Problems with picture freezing in the game are usually tied to the issues of the specific PC or settings” You would think that if there are enough complaints to warrant a response, that it isn’t the individual. I have an above-average PC and this bug has made the game nearly unplayable. WG won’t fix it because they are lazy and will just BS us with “Its just you.” I love playing WoT but WG hasn’t fixed what it broke, which is why the game is truly on the decline now.

  17. Da_Zohan says:

    The HESH nerf for the FV183 and FV4005 have really killed those tank destroyers..
    No buff to reload time, or buff to DMG on AP shells to compensate losing the ability to 1 shot or leave an IS7 with 200 or less HP. They could have limited the amount of HESH ammo carried instead.
    Before the nerf, Obj 140/430/t62/BC’s would be very hesitant to attack an FV up close for fear of being 1 shotted. Now u fire a HESH on a rushing tier 10 med, maybe get 700-800 dmg, or an AP and 1k, and they have u by the time u reloaded.

    HESH ammo during the time period that Tier 10 tanks were the most modern tanks around was devastating.
    Shot Kal (Israeli Centurions) Fired HESH almost exclusively. RIpping T54/5/62’s to shreds. Mind u, that is from a 105mm Cannon. I cannot even begin to imagine what a 183mm HESH round would do to a MBT of that era. Shrapnel all over, any infantry within 30 meters would be kaput And the tank would probably be blown several feet in the air from the sheer kinetic energy released.

    1. Ares says:

      So HE of Mause, IS 7, JPe100 should kill FV 4005, cuz he has 14 mm armor on turret, but u cant cuz of alpha….This tank could die in rea life by on shoot…it game, TD should not one shoot tanks, like arty…

      1. Da_Zohan says:

        Yes, I think that Alpha dmg with HE from JGPZE100 should be buffed as well. 170mm gun.
        In reality, guns of that caliber would DECIMATE any AFV.
        In a TD with 24 second reload, and 1k +- 25% RNG on dmg roll, with 3-4 second aim time, removing it’s trump card of 270ish pen HESH ammo means that AP round should have received pen buff, plus alpha buff.
        Did people abuse the HESH ammo? yes they did.
        I ran it with 10 HESH, and 2 AP pre-nerf.
        But when I missed or got a low roll of 300-700, I got gang banged by a gaggle of angry soviet mediums and bat chats.
        When HESH works, the fear of being 1 shot makes those mediums stay afar, and not risk being the one who gets HESHED to death.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “Skill MM will definitely not be introduced to random battles”
    F…G I…S, still you do not understand? $!@#!#!@$@#

  19. Anonymous says:

    – The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon

    Solution: Press F1 twice and it goes away

  20. “– The developers don’t like forbidden mods but won’t disclose how they are fighting them-“for reasons””

    What forbidden mods? EU still doesn’t have a f**king list, so how are we supposed to know exactly what mods are forbidden?
    Sure, there are some obvious ones, but there are others that most people think are fine, while WG may disagree…

    1. Da_Zohan says:

      According to WG Forum, any mod that gives you an advantage over someone that plays vanilla is a forbidden mod.
      Using that logic, XVM is a forbidden mod. Because it gives you information on the other team, who is best players and better to avoid or snipe from afar, and who you can rush, knowing that they are likely to donk shots in a close quarters fight.
      Battle Assistant Mod should be illegal, since you have a better view of targets when playing arty over a arty player that is playing vanilla.
      A mod by spotter, Firefly mod. The mod that gives you information on tanks you spot and get assistance dmg on. Advantage over others playing vanilla since you get a good idea on how efficient your spotting is in real time, not after battle.
      Crosshair mods: The standard vanilla crosshair is a friggin joke. You can install crosshairs that tell you how much u depressing or elevating your gun so you know before targeting if you have a chance to hit tank on hill or in valley. You get a reload time indicator that is better then stock vanilla sights, plus a pipper that is better.

      Bottom line is, almost any player, when shot at from a spot they think should not be possible, instantly suspects cheats.
      Be it arty players that NEVER relocate after shot, and then lo and behold, they get countered. Instantly shouting out: RED BALL USER!!!! REPORTED!!! SENDING IN TICKET!!!
      Be it players that think they hull down in T29/34, and their hull is exposed and they get penned with ease. O, U CHEAT!! WHAT AIMBOT U USING!!!!
      Or the infamous violet stet pedding shmuck who is kemping bush. He has 3k wn8, he HAS to be a cheater. Because I have 1k wn8, and I don’t think that players can be better.

      GET OVER IT!!!!!!
      Play the game. U gonna get killed 60-90% of all games u play. U gonna get shot at and dmg’ed 99% of the games you play (arty not included). U gonna win 40-70% of the games you play.
      And in all likelihood, some crazy shit is gonna happen in between. Otherwise peeps like Jingles would not be famous.

  21. jetpowerfie says:

    I think after “Skill MM will not be implemented into randoms” they need to add “Herobrine removed in this patch”.

  22. USuser says:

    “– The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon”
    So it is a bug… I manage to quit game after i press F1(help).

  23. BrutosCZ says:

    “The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon”


  24. “The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon”
    SOLVING IN GAME: if this happens to you, press left-CTRL and your keys should work back. I figured that out randomly. This is not a fix to the bug, it is just a way to temporarly fix it when it happens 😉

    “The artillery situation right now is not normal and needs no fixing – the truth is somewhere in the middle”
    A class of tank that is frustrating for both the player and the target, which spends a minute at reloading+aiming, and either misses completely or hits right in (with a chance to completely destroy a full-life target for 2k dmg) does not need fixing ? RIGHT.

    I mean just make it like in AW: rapid firing, not too much dmg, rapid aiming and very accurate. I would completely enjoy playing this class and doing only 300-350dmg to my targets each shot at high tier if I can reload in less than 15s. And having a high splash but that does not damage modules (like no tracks blown because a random shot landed 5m away from me) but does like between 1/3 and 2/3 of average hit’w/o’pen. And penetrating hits wont do more than say 650-750dmg (like average high-caliber tanks.

    Considering penetrating shots are rare enough, and arty is a support class, not a damage dealing one, then you could get pretty decent results, chose to either splash multiple targets for 150-200hp or direct hit one for 350-400dmg, reload for 16-13s, and fire again. targets would have a chance to run away, they wont be oneshot or crew-killed all the time (even if oneshots are rare already), and the arty player would actualy do something during the game. But arties would need to be really accurate, reload fast enough, and AIM QUICKLY (without having a huge bloom that would make your aim grow big again because you moved your mouse 1µm left), unlike current arties which says “7.5s aim” but takes between 12 and 20s to fulyl aim. THEN having really low damages (200-400dmg and 700dmg when pen, considering at high tiers a regular tank does 750 dmg every 13s or 1k dmg every 20s it feels balanced enough).

  25. The ONLY reason they don’t want to implement skill based MM is because they don’t want to lose all the little kids playing premium tier 8 and their tier 10 with no skill what so ever.
    And about Arty. How is there less artillery then before? If instead of fixing the fucking problem you added artillery up to tier 10s and more artillery branches, I didn’t start playing yesterday you fucking untruthful bastard Storm. In fact, every time I get somebody from WG in games they are in tier 10 artillery, and they are using that WG cheating mode to get nothing but open maps. So stop barking shit if you want people to respect you, because many of as know how this game is been shitti because you don’t care, as long as the cash flow doesn’t stop.

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