28/03/2016 Q&A: Storm


Big thanks to Ivan who translated this Storm Q&A and Edrard for compiling another Storm’s Q&A:

– Tipping a tank over in WoT is much more difficult than in real life, the developers did it intentionally
– There’s no problem with the tank mass
– The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon
– Skill MM will definitely not be introduced to random battles
– Information about planned changes will only be released before each specific patch
– The profitability of premium tanks wasn’t touched
– FV4005 will not be rebalanced anytime soon
– The decision to replace Lorrain 40t with Batchat 25t AP is not definitive yet
– Problems with picture freezing in the game are usually tied to the issues of the specific PC or settings
– The nerf of the reverse speed was only working on seriously slopes, there’s no need to whine about all reverse speeds
– The new HD models are having more polygons than before
– The new client that’s being tested now will have more garage tank filters. Regarding tank carousel and several layers of tanks on it: “not everything at once”
– Regarding current artillery whine: there used to be much more arties in the game and they were much stronger. The artillery situation right now is not normal and needs no fixing – the truth is somewhere in the middle
– There are no map changes planned for 9.15


– Regarding these pictures, this is not a bug, but special ramps so that the tanks wouldn’t have trouble driving over them, this was a crutch for the old physics and can be removed now from the collision model, it’s not really a big deal
– Premium tanks are not being nerfed, in fact they get buffed a bit in almost every patch
– The developers don’t like forbidden mods but won’t disclose how they are fighting them-“for reasons”
– There are no plans to buff the Black Prince, the tank is nice according to Storm
– New tanks or branches? “no comment”, there are all kinds of changes possible to the release plan, so nothing concrete yet
– Artillery rebalance will not come in 9.15 but later
– There were no silent tier 5-6 profitability nerfs in 2011
– WG patchnotes are not generated by a robot

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