Strv S-1 Stats

Good day everyone,

Stats for the upcoming Swedish premium, the Strv S-1.

srtv_s1_1Tier VIII
HP: 1000
Engine Power: 540
Weight: 33 t
Power-to-Weight ratio: 16.4
Max Speeds: + 50 / -45 kph
Hull Traverse: 26 °s
Terrain Resistances: 1 4 / 1.5 / 2.6
Hull Armor: 30/30/30 mm
View Range: 350 m
Signal Range: 850 m
Crew: commander, driver, radio operator

Gun: 10.5 cm kan Strv 103 L / 51
DMG: 390/390/480
Penetration: 288/330/53 mm
DPM: 2,293
Rate of Fire: 5.88
Reload: 10.2 seconds
Accuracy: 0.4
Aim Time: 3s

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Strv S-1 Stats

63 thoughts on “Strv S-1 Stats

    1. Scouts_0ut says:

      I think all of the armor values are based off of them thinking that the changes to overmatching would still be in place. I know right now with them not doing the changes to overmatching completed makes the current Udes 03 with its 20mm of armour completely useless on some maps. I know I am hating the grind in the Udes because once you get spotted you are dead because everything you see can overmatching you.

  1. Daerlon says:

    Sure wish they would give us the stats for siege mode… hard to tell what to make of this otherwise. I assume the 10s reload and .4 accuracy is for in travel mode?

      1. Anonymous says:

        I want to see a new french TD premium after the removal of the fcm some 1 and a half years ago. I iwsh for something fast and high tiered like the Lorr CDA

      2. zombietropa says:

        The M36B1 was a Jackson turret and a Sherman hull (an M4A3 hull to be precise). I personally think that it would be an interesting tank to add to the game, as well as fitting a niche between the Jackson and the Hellcat, so you get to see some fighting, without yoloing to your death.

      3. BatelGeuce says:

        You should try to make a suggestion thread on the forum. Couple of people including me made a thread about how M56 would be a great US premium TD (even though we said it whould be either T6 or T8) and they actually implemented it two and a half year later.

    1. HkS150 says:

      you will never have a proper td because US didn’t design that much they relied on the numbers of the same production model instead of developing other tds.

      1. zombietropa says:

        There was quite a lot of design work going on, it’s just not many of them were accepted into service. There were also arguments going on at the time if the TD battalions should have self propelled or towed guns, and for a while it was towed guns. It was only after the Battle of the Bulge, where those TD battalions with SPG’s excelled themselves, and those with towed guns were overrun.

        Nicholas Moran (aka, the Chieftain) has actually managed to write two volumes on the subject of American TD development, but just needs a publisher.

  2. OopsAA says:

    Will this one hit the ingame store, or only be sold as a “goldpackage” with bullshit consumables and private missions in the online store?

    1. @Haha
      30mm is 91mil. 40mm is 121mil. Sounds like a big deal ?
      For most nations T8 meds are at 80-90 mil guns, heavies are okay, with some having 90mil.
      With means whether it is 30 or 40 most meds cannot 3x the armour, however…

      For our communist comrade, Rusha & Chinese tech tree already having their D-25 at T7, let alone T8, with 122 that’s no f*cks given even when that thing has 40mm thick, and oh… their mediums have 100mil guns too.

      i.e. If the armour ends up 30mm, just think of it being bullied by a 416.

      1. P.S.
        If the armour ended up 40mm probably non of western heavies at T8 can 3x but most of the Russian and Chinese heavies, including preferential MM heavies. Or maybe you can load an AP shell on the Japanese heavies…

  3. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

    a bit of news from the RU server…they are selling for the first time (i think) the alpha testers tank – the M6A2E1 aka Mutant…
    its a 24h kinda deal…12h left…

    1. OopsAA says:

      What’s next, type 59? Just like the E25, which was OP and removed from sales because of that!…. Gonna buy them if they come in the store…..

    2. TheisBack says:

      the Alpha Tester Tank is my Panzer V/IV Alpha! M6A2E1 was in the 99€ package at the end of the clost beta. in the 49€ package was the normal Panzer V/IV und for 19€ or so you got the A-32 tank.

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    So its a premium version of the UDES-03.
    Same gun, same mechanism, same crew, same armor (aka get overmatched by everything you meet), same pathetic view range (they need a downside somewhere), I guess similar accuracy on siege mode as well as mode switching delay…

    It’s just 20km/h slower forward. And has disgusting mobility (traverse is terrible for a siege-mode tank, p/hp ratio is rather terrible too).
    Which means its better than the regular tank when stock, but worse than the elite regular tank. So this is actualy a balanced premium tank. Good job WG, now quickly release it before some idiots say its OP…

    Me like, me wants.

    1. Tommy_Gun says:

      Well… it is not OP. It might even be balanced. Some people will say it is OP (because of the absurdly high penetration value, some tier 10 guns don’t come even close to that :O ). On the other hand high pen and decent mobility are only good things about this TD.

      What concerns me more is the share amount of this type of “camper TDs” in game. Already at tier 8 battles there are some moments when there is more premium tanks in one battle than regular tanks. Imagine what will happen if WG will keep this trend and more and more camper TDs will be in game.
      In the and the game might end like 15 min battle resulting in draw because everybody will camp…

      1. zombietropa says:

        Tank destroyer doctrine, is to sit and camp (as well as the point of this line of Swedish MBT development). That’s their whole point. A tank destroyer, with their manual traverse and thin armour, can’t brawl with a regular tank. Play the vehicle to its strengths.

        The exception to this is the Assault guns that are thrown in with TDs, like the Tortoise line, the T95 and the ISU-152 line, who were given enough armour to go through defensive lines unhindered, and nut entire city blocks to oblivion.

      2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        TDs are meant to camp.
        If they add camping TDs it means for once they’re doing a logic job. We have enough retarded tanks that cant do their role. Heavies with no armor, TDs with no accuracy and camo, MTs with no dpm and mobility, LTs with no viewrange, arties that cant hit shit (oh wait all of them) unless RNG wants to…

  5. siralexice says:

    That amount of penetration on a tier 8 is insane, let alone a premium tank.
    Next all TDs and SPGs should get a siege mode.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The ISU has existed since before game launch.

      That tank has better penetration values due to AP standard and 152mm calibre for overmatch.

      Since before 2011 that has been shooting through the front of tanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Any speculations of when most likely the Obj 252U will be sold next year? I dont have or want the is6 so Im really looking foward to it.

  7. Renarde Martel says:

    These ground resistances seem rather… dubious? Do they actually want this thing to move at all? It’s got only 16hp/t…

  8. Tommy_Gun says:

    Great ! Another camper TD premium tank ! Already we have Skorpion G, Steyr Waffenträger, Kanonenjagdpanzer, M56 Scorpion, E-25 and the list goes on…

    Soon on tier 7 – 8 battles there will be 0 amount of regular tanks and just 15 min match ending with draw because everybody will camp…

    (btw. wasn’t WG saying that they will reduce the camping and increase role of armor ? Because right now they make something completely different – recently the camper TD with no armor and absurdly high penetration value are appearing in wot one after another…. )

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        Well… actually i don’t know. Kanonenjagdpanzer is rather rare.. but when it shows up in battle usually it stays undetected, happily firing from distance. So..yeah I haven’t see one in battle… Only once I saw this TD after someone destroyed it. So I have seen a “corpse” … that still counts ?

        btw. what I meant was this: WG is giving us tons of premium TDs with more or less similar play-style – sit in corner of the map and spam DPS. Now imagine how 15 vs 15 camer TD match will look like…

    1. 4 E25s per battle is not funny these days.
      as like 4 skorpions per battle is not funny,
      and also as like 4 grille 15’s per battle is not funny.

      game is being more and more camping fest every day.

      1. I think 4 e25 per battle is hilarious. Take a tier 8 preferential tank and smash the E25 silly. Because ‘oh so op….’.

        When they sold E25 In advent calendar I played nothing but 112, su122 44 and is6 all day.

        Guess what. They can’t pen me even with gold. It was just a trashing. That combined with all corridor maps these days anyway where the E25 is pointless and it’s hilarious.

  9. GaoHAQ says:

    again back to the same old story, any 90mm American gun or 88 mm German gun can’t pen you but the 100mm on the soviet mediums just over-match the armor every time.

    I have no idea why the people complained about the over-matching changes, sure it’s a bit extreme, but what’s the point of having this kind of slopped armor when any soviet tank can pen you anyway. Calling soviet bias with the new over-match mechanic, how is this not soviet bias as well? With the 122mm and 100mm only used in Chinese and soviet tanks which can just trash and Swedish TDs?

  10. GrimmReaperBG says:

    Accuracy: 0.4 and Aim Time: 3s for a premium vehicle without any armor or view range is kinda stupid/idiotic. But this is WC, afterall, they are always trying to beat themselves in idiocity!

    1. When it isn’t in siege mode. No way to know unless it gets leaked.

      Until then keep your whining to yourself.

      If after the siege mode stats are released and they are garbage, then please be my guest and whine as much as you like.

  11. septfox says:

    I don’t see why people think it’s a “premium UDES”; the fixed gun, better DPM and much worse engine power and speeds pretty much make it a nerfed-for-tier-8 Strv 103. I wonder if the siege mode is going to be anything special.

    That engine power and ground resistance are going to really kill it, though…mobility’s going to be even worse than the turd-on-tracks Ikv 90B. It’ll be lucky to see its top speed on level medium terrain.

  12. echo says:

    im just playing UDES, and this one looks similar – which means, it should have amazing camo (e25ish), gun stats (in siege mode) 9,5s reload and 1.5s aiming time, plus u get 288 pen gun (no need to shoot gold) = 2-3 good battles on big open maps with 4-5k damage and u are set 😉

  13. This ‘pay to play’ new TD will be shit to play in any City type Maps trust me all it can do is camp somewhere and wait to get killed

    imagine going from normal to Siege Mode every few seconds and waiting for you
    r gun to cycle through to siege mode ready AND then you still need to aim and position?

    by then your taking damage or already dead – lol RIP

  14. This ‘pay to play’ new TD will be shit to play in any City type Maps trust me all it can do is camp somewhere and wait to get killed

    imagine going from normal to Siege Mode every few seconds and waiting for your gun to cycle through to siege mode ready AND then you still need to aim and position?

    by then your taking damage or already dead – lol RIP

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