29/04/2016 Q&A


There’s a new Q&A for you, as usual gathered by Edrard and translated by Ivan:

– improved tank selection (carousels) will be added
– there will not be a skill reset during the WT E-100 – Grille switch
– the T-54 Light changes from supertest will not be present on live server (despite anything that was publisher earlier)
– the developers agree that gun stabilization (accuracy on the move) and terrain passability data need to be added to the client overview
– there are no plans to introduce voiceover for the shell type switch action
– collision model (armor viewer) will be added to vehicle preview later
– platoon bonus will only activate if all vehicles in the platoon have one tier, a LT8 + MT9 platoon won’t trigger it
– the fact that LT platoons will not get a bonus unless the tiers are equal is unfortunate but intended for now
– LTs being extended to tier 10? “No comment for now”
– a platoon of tier 1, 4 and 4 will get neither bonus nor penalty for troll platoons
– FPS should significantly increase for many players in 9.15
– WoT will move to a completely different engine approximately within next two patches. It won’t be a “different” engine per se, the overhaul of the current one will simply be complete
– the engine overhaul will include multicore support and optimization
– CoreEngine 3.0 (name of the “new” WoT engine) is the old name of the Bigworld that WG used internally
– the client size will not be reduced by the new engine
– it’s not yet sure if the new engine will use Dx9 or Dx11 render
– WG is dedicated to banning bots
– Panzer V/IV will keep its limited MM
– there are no plans to buff KV-220, if anything, it needs a nerf because it’s overpowered. It won’t however be nerfed
– E-25 will not be nerfed either, because it’s a premium
– for now there are no plans to abandon the 9.X patch numbering system
– the additional XP for tanks in platoon is not a discrimination of solo players according to Storm
– the actual XP bonus size for platoon tanks will be published later
– there will not be any possibility to obtain T-22sr. in 9.15 anymore (and after 9.15: “no comment”)
– there are no hull changes for the 113 tank in 9.15 (connected to 112 – which has an identical hull – fuel tank placement)
– buff for HT tiers 9-10 in 9.15? “Not decided yet”

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