30/03/2016 Q&A

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did a all nighter gathering and translating this Q&A for you, big thanks to Ctacello who joined when I started running on fumes and helped with the paragraphs full of barely unreadable Russian slang, this information comes from various members from Wargaming and from different servers/languages:


-Roaming got permanently shelved, WG staff lost the ability to roam.

-Russian players had a major whining over the IS-6:

  • “In the US server they do not even dare to make a tank worse. They sue so that WG will pay compensation until the end of days.” -Nice theory, but US server is exactly the same as other servers.
  • Feedback on the IS-6 is still being gathered.

-“Tanks feel like glass! They lose HP and Crew gets injured even when I slide down carefully!” – We are aware and will work on it.

-“With new physics out, are APCs planned to be introduced in the game?- We don’t have any plans to introduce APCs and its unlikely that it would ever happen (due to lack of competitiveness).

-After being asked if E-100 will have gun stats changed: -We will inform you if something changes.

-There are no plans to replace the Object 268.

-“Everything is alright with it”(It=RNG).

-Why not introducing a “hardmode” to the game where players will fight clean (without using Premium rounds, perks, camo, etc)? -Thank you for the idea. We had something similar (Historical Battles). Perhaps they will be back in the game.

-The NewER Physics and Sounds will certainly be improved. We carefully collected and analysed all the players feedback and will work further. Thank you very much to everyone who left a constructive opinion. Note: An option to chose older sounds is unlikely to happen.

-How do you measure if a tank is good or bad? -Depending on which tank we measure by WR curve, XP, Damage and Spotting.

-“One question haunts me, there are statistics available on the amount of trees a player knocks down, what are you doing with these numbers? Is it for a special medal, if yes, for less or more trees knocked down?” -We thought in introducing a medal but then backed off from the idea but statistics still remained.

-“Are Supertest players specifically selected? Because I’ve meet good but also very bad players?”, “Why are bad players are being allowed in SuperTest? What kind of feedback will they bring if they cant even play properly?”. -We do this on purpose to simulate random battles and properly collect data.

-Devs plan to fix the New Physics issue when the tracks touch a wall and the game doesn’t allow the vehicle to turn like before.

-About retarded MatchMaker: -We have plans to improve but no details so far.

-Dev team is asking for feedback on the bug that enemy tanks are not showing the red outlining when flipped, please send info in.

-“Why don’t you get some thick pieces of metal to fire at and record the impact sounds for bigger realism?” -Noted/Only time will tell. Altought most likely players would start bleeding out of their ears after a long session due to the hellish rattle.

-“There haven’t been changes on the economy for a long time”

-Any news about Chieftain? -Nothing Yet.

-When will E-75 and E-50 M come in HD? -Soon.

-Will the E-50 M have a machine gun (to stand out from the standard E-50)? -Cant really answer that, most likely wont.

-“Foch 155 is a bit of a sad shit.”-Only “a bit” but not terrible. We are currently more focused in the general needs of the game, not single tanks.

  • Is this about the rebalance of the vehicle classes? -Not just about that, we are considering more broad issues and mechanics.

-WG didn’t modelled the fuel barrel on the back of the Maus for gameplay reasons. It would be be obsolete (without hitbox) and there is no reason to give players a target to shot which they cant damage.62cb23a0dbe3fc592ac4cf75cff8ef1c_1

-KV4 KTTS needs serious tweaks (buff).

-Will you add a progress bar for Personal missions (example damage counter) in game client? I don’t want to use mods. Will there be ranked battles like in WoWS so all the idiots can stop crying that they lost because their team wasn’t good? And last, will you be nerfing arty (worse aiming)?

  1. Maybe. Without promises.
  2. I can’t say anything about it at the moment but this idea makes sense.
  3. Absolutely not, Arty would become nearly unplayable, we are considering changes but not aiming based.

-“If I try to unflip a teammate I can get banned automatically because of team damage but the only way I can help him is by ramming. Will this be fixed? At least add a system that distinguishes ram for team damage and ram for helping?” -Sorry we cant do that, we need to add a special mechanism to unflip the tanks.

-Will you add side missions/objectives like “defend this castle and earn 100XP”? -There are no plans for such thing.


That’s all folks, now, I need a nap, worked really hard on this article and went as far as triple checking it. Cya in a bit.


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