30/03/2016 Q&A

Good morning,

did a all nighter gathering and translating this Q&A for you, big thanks to Ctacello who joined when I started running on fumes and helped with the paragraphs full of barely unreadable Russian slang, this information comes from various members from Wargaming and from different servers/languages:


-Roaming got permanently shelved, WG staff lost the ability to roam.

-Russian players had a major whining over the IS-6:

  • “In the US server they do not even dare to make a tank worse. They sue so that WG will pay compensation until the end of days.” -Nice theory, but US server is exactly the same as other servers.
  • Feedback on the IS-6 is still being gathered.

-“Tanks feel like glass! They lose HP and Crew gets injured even when I slide down carefully!” – We are aware and will work on it.

-“With new physics out, are APCs planned to be introduced in the game?- We don’t have any plans to introduce APCs and its unlikely that it would ever happen (due to lack of competitiveness).

-After being asked if E-100 will have gun stats changed: -We will inform you if something changes.

-There are no plans to replace the Object 268.

-“Everything is alright with it”(It=RNG).

-Why not introducing a “hardmode” to the game where players will fight clean (without using Premium rounds, perks, camo, etc)? -Thank you for the idea. We had something similar (Historical Battles). Perhaps they will be back in the game.

-The NewER Physics and Sounds will certainly be improved. We carefully collected and analysed all the players feedback and will work further. Thank you very much to everyone who left a constructive opinion. Note: An option to chose older sounds is unlikely to happen.

-How do you measure if a tank is good or bad? -Depending on which tank we measure by WR curve, XP, Damage and Spotting.

-“One question haunts me, there are statistics available on the amount of trees a player knocks down, what are you doing with these numbers? Is it for a special medal, if yes, for less or more trees knocked down?” -We thought in introducing a medal but then backed off from the idea but statistics still remained.

-“Are Supertest players specifically selected? Because I’ve meet good but also very bad players?”, “Why are bad players are being allowed in SuperTest? What kind of feedback will they bring if they cant even play properly?”. -We do this on purpose to simulate random battles and properly collect data.

-Devs plan to fix the New Physics issue when the tracks touch a wall and the game doesn’t allow the vehicle to turn like before.

-About retarded MatchMaker: -We have plans to improve but no details so far.

-Dev team is asking for feedback on the bug that enemy tanks are not showing the red outlining when flipped, please send info in.

-“Why don’t you get some thick pieces of metal to fire at and record the impact sounds for bigger realism?” -Noted/Only time will tell. Altought most likely players would start bleeding out of their ears after a long session due to the hellish rattle.

-“There haven’t been changes on the economy for a long time”

-Any news about Chieftain? -Nothing Yet.

-When will E-75 and E-50 M come in HD? -Soon.

-Will the E-50 M have a machine gun (to stand out from the standard E-50)? -Cant really answer that, most likely wont.

-“Foch 155 is a bit of a sad shit.”-Only “a bit” but not terrible. We are currently more focused in the general needs of the game, not single tanks.

  • Is this about the rebalance of the vehicle classes? -Not just about that, we are considering more broad issues and mechanics.

-WG didn’t modelled the fuel barrel on the back of the Maus for gameplay reasons. It would be be obsolete (without hitbox) and there is no reason to give players a target to shot which they cant damage.62cb23a0dbe3fc592ac4cf75cff8ef1c_1

-KV4 KTTS needs serious tweaks (buff).

-Will you add a progress bar for Personal missions (example damage counter) in game client? I don’t want to use mods. Will there be ranked battles like in WoWS so all the idiots can stop crying that they lost because their team wasn’t good? And last, will you be nerfing arty (worse aiming)?

  1. Maybe. Without promises.
  2. I can’t say anything about it at the moment but this idea makes sense.
  3. Absolutely not, Arty would become nearly unplayable, we are considering changes but not aiming based.

-“If I try to unflip a teammate I can get banned automatically because of team damage but the only way I can help him is by ramming. Will this be fixed? At least add a system that distinguishes ram for team damage and ram for helping?” -Sorry we cant do that, we need to add a special mechanism to unflip the tanks.

-Will you add side missions/objectives like “defend this castle and earn 100XP”? -There are no plans for such thing.


That’s all folks, now, I need a nap, worked really hard on this article and went as far as triple checking it. Cya in a bit.


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30/03/2016 Q&A

60 thoughts on “30/03/2016 Q&A

    1. Major Rager says:

      (-Sorry we cant do that, we need to add a special mechanism to unflip the tanks.)

      You know! What is it with these people? Do they wipe their ass first THEN shit?
      (sorry for my poor French Rita) I mean really, or is the weed really good in that country?

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Absolutely not, Arty would become nearly unplayable, we are considering changes but not aiming based.” Fast forward to 2020-> “We are still considering changes.”

    1. phdrvrba says:

      Playing arty is already a goddamn lottery. Generally speaking WG should drop their alpha and trade it for either more accuracy or better RoF.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Wg should drop the entire class and anyone that has more than 5k games played in arty should be tried for crimes against humanity and publicly hanged, drawn and quartered.

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Buff to accuracy is a must, that’s the whole reason why arty is broken. And if they also nerf alpha, they need to buff RoF aswell, else arty will become underpowered. In fact, checking stats for tier 10 arty on vbaddict shows that arty is underpowered already. Also, reducing alpha won’t work, because reduced alpha will mean arties will do even less damage against heavy targets that arty is supposed to counter, while higher RoF and lower alpha will mean that arty will hunt MTs and LTs even more than they do now.

    1. brady burk says:

      i know right? i cant play it without turning the render down all the way to where it looks like the tank mod for minecraft ….the mod has better graphics

    2. thesherbet says:

      Personally i have no issues running AW at all. I’ll admit, I am running a 970 and an i7 cpu (albeit an old one). But even with that taken into account, I simply cant see why this complaint is still valid, the game is still in beta technically and it’s on a vastly more impressive engine (cryengine vs bigworld). I play with everything maxxed out and still runs at 60+fps with no glitches or anything. I really struggle to see how it can be that bad for some people unless they are literally using a russian potato for a pc.
      P.S. If you’re on a laptop/notebook then your complaint is pretty much invalid from the get-go. You simply shouldn’t bother using one of those for proper gaming. Certainly not on cryengine.

      1. deinemama says:

        Always this “game is still in beta” BS.
        If something isnt optimized by now, it wont be optimized without a massive code overhaul.
        As if the game would magically run faster when it will reach final status…

    3. knorren2 says:

      Well, AW has a newer graphics engine so if you run WoT fine there is no guarantee you will run AW as good.
      The problem with WoT is that there are so many players with really old computers, that’s the main reason WG doesn’t want to upgrade to a new engine cause they will lose so many players in the process, people who can’t afford a decent computer.

  2. That guys completely ignoring Foch 155. which is absolutely most underpowered tank of the game. 2250 DPM is completely lame like 5 seconds reload in magazine is not bad enough…

      1. actually i could live with that DPM unless they would not nerf the armor and engine this hard. i remember that days, was bouncing shells like hell and running like more hell.

    1. thesherbet says:

      don’t forget that while it has a similar playstyle and armour/weakspot layout to say, the tortoise, its not got the ridiculously pointless ‘armour’ on the front slowing it down, if i find myself in an alley facing off against one, i’m still more likely to hit reverse gear and get out of there than bother shooting up that MG nest on top of it…

      1. and i hope you know that tortoise has the highest DPM of the whole game 🙂 which is almost double of Foch 155. and you should also hit reverse gear if you see a torto at the same position 🙂

      2. Hohumm4sh3d says:

        Tortoise DPS on paper may be the highest in the game but after the 2nd time the loader is killed by someone shooting the MG it’s means fuck all. Also getting slapped for 800+ each time by a foch 155 is entirely different to taking a 400 slap from a tortoise. Toirtoise is what 5 secs each shot whereas with the autoloader of the foch 155 it’s 800 every 5 secs.

  3. Bloody hell… Just add a key (for example “u”) that can be activated when flipped over and that disables any (and only, so we exclude friendly fire) ramming damage caused by allies, and not by enemies…. Jeez WG use your brain

    1. Jarrick says:

      For me Nothing is wrong with the IS-6. Pre-9.14 I had a 44% w/r, only about 1200 dmg a battle and couldn’t pen anything nor bounce anything. Post-9.14 My w/r has skyrocketed to 56% and rising, average anywhere between 2k and 4k dmg per battle, I usually fire off all 15 AP rounds and a good 13 will pen, and damn near everything bounces off me. I have an average blocked dmg around 1500 to 2500 a match.

    2. thesherbet says:

      There is not and never has been anything wrong with the IS-6. It’s a bouncefest for anything but the accurate guns used by a player with a braincell. The profile changed a little with the HD rework and since change is not a good thing in RU, they’re screaming bloody murder.
      IMHO, it is still one of the best tier 8 premiums to invest in. So long as you get top tier and don’t have to worry so much about that god-awful 175mm pen on the D-25 gun.

  4. I think WG desperately need to reballance and distinguish each tier, tank and nation better . Some tanks are ever so popular, like the KV and IS tanks or the Object 140 etc etc. Some tanks are a rare sight to see on the battlefield because they easily get outperformed by others. It’s okay if you buff 1 or 2 tanks but if you buff 5 some others get left behind and become UP.

    I hope mm can be improved by putting a cap on winchances or playerstats, like you have no less than 35% chance to win and mm selects more balanced players. Poor players will learn nothing by getting rolled over by unicums 2 minutes into a match, they don’t care. They just go back to the garage, select different tank and complete the proces mentioned above. By putting them in matches with slightly better players they will last longer on the battlefield and learn quicker over time.

    About the IS6, I have it for months but have only played 16 battles in it so far with a 75% winrate (all matches were before the armour buff in 9.14) . I didn’t even play particularly in all those matches! I think they should (slightly?) nerf the armour, buff the AP rounds considerably and give it full mm so it sees tier 10!

    Even the FCM 50T could do a job in tier 10. If they can give the FV4202P full mm than the IS6 and FCM deserve it too.
    The problem is WG is missing the point of giving every new prem tank full mm. If the prem tank is equal or better than it’s counterparts it deserves to get full mm. If not, they should only give it +1 mm. Admmittingly the stats won’t be great but it is certainly not bad enough to have only +1 mm, you pay more for the +1mm than the stats.

    Personally I also think it’s unfair/harsh that tier 3 tanks see tier 5, they just get blown away by Kv’s or Td’s loaded with HE or played by skilled players (t67 anyone). From tier 4/5 upwards +2 mm. New players will have more chance of becoming better in the first stages of the game because the difference between the tiers is not a million miles apart.

    1. Migsaec says:

      Sometimes the “rare” tanks are not played because they are bad or underpowered though. They are just overshadowed by the others. The other russian TD line, the one without the ISU, if you look at the tanks, they are mostly fine. The ISU line just has amazing damage per shot and that is very appealing to players.
      An older example, before the KV-85 was a thing, the KV-1S overshadowed the T-150 hard. The T-150 isn’t bad. The gun is great(167 pen and 300 damage with decent reload, what’s not to love about it?), the armor works, and its mobility is okay for a heavy.

      1. Indeed some tanks are overshadowed, no question about UP or OP. Some tanks are just more popular and fun to play than others. Like you mentioned about the Russian Td line, there is not much wrong with it. Let’s say If one tank has 500 alpha damage with a 10 second reload, it isn’t a problem if another tank of the same class/tier has a gun with 250 alpha and 5 second reload. Both tanks have roughly the same dpm, just a difference in reload and alpha. Other stats like mobility/armour depression etc, can make the difference in a head to head fight. It balances each other out and that’s how it should be, although armor on one tank can save it’s life just like mobility on another tank to hide after taking a shot. Most times it comes down to skill which makes the difference.

    2. thesherbet says:

      IMO, WG needs to go through the tech trees and assign MM ranges on a per-tank basis not a per-tier basis. World of Warships did/does this to an extent (class based early tier mm changes) but there are some tanks in WoT (looking at you British tanks all the way to tier 5/6) that are seriously good, but only when top tier. There are so many vehicles that are completely outmatched even in 1 tier difference. The only worry is that if this were the case then each tier battle would be completely dominated by specific tanks; ie the Matilda at tier 4, the KV-1 at tier 5, the Pz1C at tier 3 etc.

      1. I agree with you, indeed some tanks can handle the +2 mm better than others like the tanks you mentioned. Wg need to go through every tank and make some changes.

  5. tribun1211 says:

    The fuel drum on the Maus would be disconncted and fell of in case of battle if i read properly in a book…. its just for moving purpose

  6. Jan Witkowsky says:

    I have a question.

    If someone got to the VK36.01H before they got to the VK30.01H (Which is likely, since many go for the Panzer 4 and then the Tiger(H).), how come the stock turret on VK36.01H is not unlocked on the VK30.01H (where it is top-turret)?
    Same name and stats.

    1. thesherbet says:

      This bugs me on a whole load of tanks. Mostly in the British line where the TDs share the same guns as the HTs and in many cases the MTs but they still have to unlock a separate variant of it to use it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No offence intended, but if Russian players on pc are as bad as they are on console, I understand the wining. Buying premium tanks like IS6 and are totaly clueless how to play them. Blame the tank is always easiest. You encounter them in premium and tier 9 and 10 tanks (no clue how they ever got that far) and they have no idea how to defend themselves, or where to shoot enemy tanks. Out of a 100 only 3 are really good players and the rest has no clue whatsoever.

  8. Shrike58 says:

    My thought on roaming is that the real problem has always been EU players with NA accounts and WG’s refusal to let them transfer. There might be a place for a Mid-Atlantic server that NA & EU players could access.

    The vision of clan wars 24/7 died when SerB got promoted/kicked-upstairs/whatever.

    1. Anonymous says:

      WG’s reasoning was that Russian players are assholes and would migrate in large numbers just to ruin player’s games on other servers

      1. thesherbet says:

        Having seen the effect of RU communities in other games, mostly MMOs this is completely understandable. In ArcheAge there was a large number of russian players that played on the EU servers to try and escape the hackfest that was ongoing on the RU servers. Only to have a big guild migrate and do the same there on the busiest servers. The mentality of russian gamers leaves something to be desired I feel.

  9. huh?
    almost the opposite of what that nice happy commutative helpful man Storm (sarcasm me, no!) say in yesterdays QA

    from the above QA, there actually is hope for the utter shit Match Making system WG EU insist on ramming down our throats ~ while WG insists and ‘pretend its works as intended’

    hoorah! hope springs eternal, smile
    (well until Storm does a QA anyway

  10. DecoNoir says:

    “In the US server they do not even dare to make a tank worse. They sue so that WG will pay compensation until the end of days.” –

    I take offense to that! Everyone knows we only sue fast food chains for making us fat….. 😛

  11. JIm says:

    -“Are Supertest players specifically selected? Because I’ve meet good but also very bad players?”, “Why are bad players are being allowed in SuperTest? What kind of feedback will they bring if they cant even play properly?”.

    Wow, the entitlement and arrogance of that question.

    1. thesherbet says:

      not only entitlement but also ignorance; if only pro and hardcore players were given access then the results they would get back from the tests would be completely worthless. The vast majority of players in the game play the Random Battle game-mode. This is where WG makes the money, by selling premium, gold and tanks to these players, and if the tanks were only good to pro players and useless to people who didn’t know every mechanic inside-out, then they would never sell any.

  12. JIm says:

    “I didn’t even play particularly in all those matches! I think they should (slightly?) nerf the armour, buff the AP rounds considerably and give it full mm so it sees tier 10!”

    This is called the IS3A.

    Leave the IS6 alone, don’t nerf existing premiums, people paid money for them.

    1. Anonymous says:

      So just because you flashed your cash you’re entitled to play a tank that’s obviously overpowered? (not saying the IS-6 is, just theoretically.)

  13. killswitch95 says:

    you know its funny, they know they need something to unflip tanks, at least they are working on it, but also, I dont see the issue with the team damage, I had 4 cases yesterday where a friendly tank went on its side, all I did was drive around and barely, and i mean BARELY tap its roof armor, and it righted itself no problem, its all about WHERE you apply your pressure…

  14. Anonymous says:

    -“Foch 155 is a bit of a sad shit.”-Only “a bit” but not terrible. We are currently more focused in the general needs of the game, not single tank
    = we plan to keep the Foch 155 as a cripple

  15. TwixOps says:

    Are Russian players really complaining that the IS-6 was “nerfed” The tank got a MASSIVE buff and is now rather overpowered

    1. thesherbet says:

      They’re Russian, if their Russian tank doesn’t kill everything they see then either Putin is lying to them or the game is broken. And we all know it can’t be the former…

  16. You should now refer to the E 50 and the E 50 M as the sports tiger. That is what it looks like, and the armor is the same and yet it still managed to lose 20 tons. And seriously, start making more Chinese HD models. #noloveforchina

  17. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “Dev team is asking for feedback on the bug that enemy tanks are not showing the red outlining when flipped, please send info in”.

    I’m not sure how to “send info” to the devs so i’ll post it here. I think the issue might be because the outline is actually to the side of the marker where players do not expect it to be:

  18. wolvenworks says:

    lol guess you can’t have a Q&A without at least a dickwad whining about how arty should be removed/even more nerfed, even tho at this stage due to the Great Arty Nerf i can’t hit a single fucking thing with my arty (dispersion misses at smallest aim circle)

  19. still_guns says:

    WG didn’t modelled the fuel barrel on the back of the Maus for gameplay reasons. It would be be obsolete (without hitbox) and there is no reason to give players a target to shot which they cant damage.

    Ears on the T29 come to mind

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