Supertest: “CTG” Premium tier 8 MT aka “Russian Chrysler”


there’s a new tank in Supertest, a Soviet tier 8 Premium Medium Tank, the CTG(ST-8) or the “Russian Chrysler”:




Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1350
Engine Power: 500
Weight: 28.000 kg (Max. Load: 30,000)
Power-to-Weight: 17.86
Maximum speed: 50/20
Hull Traverse: 45° sec
Turret Traverse: 36.5° sec
Terrain Resistance: 0.671/0.767/1.534
Viewrange: 370m
Radio range: 730m
Hull armor: 100/45/??
Turret armor: 110/75/??

Gun: 122 mm A-25TC
Damage: 390/390/530
Penetration: 212/248/61
DPM: 1 743.1
ROF: 4.469
Reload: 13.425
Accuracy: 0.384
Aim Time: 2.21
Elevation/Depression: +17/-6

Crew: 4
Shell velocity: 880

Model and armour:

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Supertest: “CTG” Premium tier 8 MT aka “Russian Chrysler”

56 thoughts on “Supertest: “CTG” Premium tier 8 MT aka “Russian Chrysler”

  1. IRON says:

    Why do they put so much effort in Killing the game ?? I’m soooo fed up with of all those retarded OP premiums… Come on, it’s just a better all around T-34-3.. Wich is better than the T-44 and the T-34-2 !!

    1. apache1990 says:

      Don’t worry, it’s still just a slightly better hull armored Object 416 with a vastly inferior gun.

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      You know what else has a ridiculous gun for its tier? Churchill GC. A gun in itself doesn’t make a tank OP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool and all, but I don’t see this tank as terribly necessary. Wouldn’t it have been better to try and fit this into the Soviet rear-mounted turret medium tree?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Balance :
    Gun have mediocre ROF, best comparision is T34 which have even smaller rof and worse accuracy but better penetration.
    Armor is not op.
    Mobility is very good , but it’s medium tenk not heavy.

  4. jayrodmurderface NA says:

    Yay, more Pay 2 Win b.s…. Wargaming hasn’t learned anything from what people say about these premiums.

  5. siralexice says:

    They should put that gun on the IS-6, they are completely outclassed by the new generation of tier 8 premiums.

    1. Nafre says:

      They should remove the is6 and all limited mm tanks and refund everyone their gold. That way you can buy non premium mm tanks and add these limited tanks to the tree for gold during their sale

    1. Sliphantom'sToe says:

      I break away from WoT for a while. I dont want to be that guy who whine in every prem tier 8 and stop play WoT. But i want to break since i tried new MM and Chrysler incident. Just pause from WG bullshit for now (especially the WG underMurazor leading). Max Payne 3 is pretty lit thou even it’s old game.

  6. ROMBAT says:

    I love brainless comunity chatting about op tanks that are not even exist on sale…having opinions twisted and influenced by so called comunity contributers.
    Wg gives a fuck about your opinion and loves money as they are a savage capitalist company.
    They love scandals about op tanks because people buy op tanks. They need comunity contributers to say that this tank is op even is not so in order to brainless sheeps to buy a shit tank…see crysler gf so called scandal. A lot of reclama/drama for a regular tank.
    If a medium with an almost a bad heavy stats is op why not buying and dominate randoms instead of whyning?
    Be the best players with this premium op tank and brake the game balance…like crysler k is doing right know.. sarcasm was loaded…for brainless sheeps that are seeing op tanks everywhere.

    1. Akina90 says:

      If WG is going to buff older/powercreeped tanks along with the test of this vehicle, that will end the rage. Nowadays randoms and competitive gaming at t8 is flooded with prems. You don’t see that as a problem?

      1. Nafre says:

        Not at all. Obviously the “skilled” players don’t like to use skill and instead try to find “better” tanks. They feed wargaming and make more sheep buy tanks that are only better in a particular way but not overall

      2. Rombat says:

        in my is-3, kv4, 110, amx 50-100, and even t32 i heve no problem penetrating this “flood” of “op” premiums at tier 8. i’m happy that people have the option to choose what tier 8 premium suits best for them…diversity is quite good for game, and we must be realistic wg can’t give us anymoore nations and branches because they ran out of material…so…they give us frome time to time premiums…they earn a lot moore money from premium than from a regular branch.

      3. Akina90 says:

        Well, adding diversity by playing t8 prems while taking away the diversity of playing old t8 non-prem MTs and TDs….that’s a good idea isn’t it? (sacarsm

  7. CLAYM0RE says:

    So Foch’s drama isn’t in the ground yet, Which ended with all the promises made by WG and then this, Well Fuck ’em… Really

    1. Rombat says:

      Foch drama had a purpuse…to advertise chrysler as a op tank in order that people should buy it…everybody won from that deal…Fosch got advertise and moore people on his streams and wg sold a lot of chryslers as op tanks even if the tank is not far as a regular one.
      If the problem was real somebody would have pay the price for the mistakes done…or wg or Fosch…but the both side are very well and very happy as far as i see

  8. Anonymous says:

    If They would get away from premium tanks and focus on more reasons to purchase premium time, they would make more money. I refuse to spend another penny with them til they correct the imbalance in MM and fix the mechanical issues. The new version of MM is a great start, but the balance still isn’t right.

  9. betterdead thanred says:

    thought WG was gonna calm the balls down after the foch incident………

    If you are not happy with the latest developments from WG, dont play on monday 5.6.17, the release of ranked battles.

    this way is one of the few options available to us to signal our discontent to WG.

    heard it in a random battle, from a random guy, will not play on monday, suggest you do the same.

    1. Rombat says:

      Why not play ranked battle?…this, i think, is all that community wanted for a few ears ago…a skill mm based….a demand that wg refused us with no valid point of view….in practice ranked battle should provide us what we want…faire battles with 0/+/- mm and the same rank teammates and enemies….no moore “retard team” in chat excuse should we have now.

      1. betterdead thanred says:

        ranked battles itself is a good idea, a true skillbased gamemode.

        the problem lies with:
        -being tier 10 in some cases a massive moneysink, buy more premiumtanks/time to compensate. to get enough bonds to buy a improved module or something, i am only guessing here but, im thinking 6-7 figure credits needed to play for a season.
        – to stay competative: you must play to have these bonds, increases difference between casual and hardcore.

        being in a clan that is among the top 50 EU clans, we will most likely force our members to play these ranked battles to get better equipment, because every1 else will get them.
        new demands for players most likely also, ”must have fully pimped obj 140 to play” etc
        many in my clan hates the concept of ranked battles, and some will maybe leave clan or WOT cause of it.

        this is another blow to us as a loyal longtime supporters of WOT.

        with WG not sticking to a sustainable long term plan, i can only fear what will be next in store for us….

  10. Lafie says:

    I am not so sure that it is a Russian Chrystler for two good reasons.

    1: we haven’t seen the soft stats (ie dispersion on the move), which are kind of important at this tier 😛

    2: Nor do we know if the turret turns a full 360°.

    1. Going to apologize for this comment actually. Was made without taking a solid look at the stats.

      It looks alright for now, will make a final call once I’ve compared it to all the other Russian MTs

      1. Lafie says:

        I’d reserve judgement till we see the dispersion on the move. That can make or break a tank like this, all depending on how good or bad it is.

        As a side note, the 416’s dispersion on the move is second to none at tier 8, in case you’re wondering. (source: tanks gg)

  11. Nafre says:

    Scream op more please do people keep buying bad tanks so it’s easier for me to kill them. Please keep making more scandals. I need more premium tanks so I can annoy more people with my “weak” tanks when I hand them their butt on a plate.
    This is a really weak tank in comparison to the mod 1, though I think it has more shells to help that ammo rack blow up

  12. Kristiyan Aleksandrov says:

    I feel a bit worried. Тhis new batch of premium T8 tanks is rendering the old ones useless. I mean a T8 medium with the 122 mm gun and 212 pen? With the standard russian accuracy, and low RoF it still looks scary. And the old ones are miles behind it. It just feels as if WG is blindly picking cards.

  13. Daniel Rowett says:

    What are you bots whinning about. It’s so bad. Literally any human with eyes can read those stats, and then use their (apparently non existent) brain to compare it to other tanks, and see it is average at best.

    I don’t understand why there are so many dumbarses willing to hop on the the OP-Wagon without even glancing over the stats for themselves.

    Literally list one reason in which this could be considered OP, im waiting.

    1. Neo says:

      It’s not bad, you should use your tomato eyes better. This is a M41 Rev (and m41 rev is a good tank), with better pen, armor, mobility, camo and aim time, and only worse dispersion and rof. Since this is a 390 alpha gun the dpm doesn’t really matter as well as the accuracy because of the rng. And -6 degrees of gun depresseion on a rear mounted russion turret? Yeah sure…

      1. septfox says:

        HWK 12 manages 10 degrees of depression with its rear-mounted turret. 430v2 has 6 degrees with its rear-mounted turret. Turret placement isn’t everything, it’s more about height and hull configuration.

        If you look at the model, they designed the forward section of the hull so it’s sloped down, probably to avoid the problem with the 416 (front edge of the long hull blocking the gun). It’s not that hard to believe that it has -6. And anyone who’s played a 430v2 can tell you that the -6 isn’t all that good due to the turret placement, especially if you have to keep your hull facing forward, which is probably the case here because of the driver.

        Unfortunately, for game purposes, that gives it a strip of “roof” section up front that looks to be 30mm; say hello to being overmatched by 100mm+ guns regardless of how strong the upper and lower plates are.

        I don’t know why you think the lack of DPM is unimportant. It only has 45mm of side armor, and the turret is too forward to sidescrape without either weakening the side or exposing the front plate; it’s physically impossible for it to sidescrape effectively unless it never wants to return fire.

        That leaves zooming around playing medium tank and/or support heavy, where DPM *is* important. As it is, if it gets into a dogfight with a same-tier medium, it’s dead. Heck, if it gets into a fight with a same-tier *heavy*, it’s dead because it probably can’t circle effectively.

        All you’re seeing are its strong points, without looking at the significant downsides. I’m not saying it’s a terrible tank, but it’s certainly not going to be the OP death machine that you and others think it will be.

  14. WhiteBaron777 says:

    Seem alright at this stage. The dpm is bad, but the penetration and accuracy are different from any soviet 122 we’ve seen so far, so at least it’s not another generic Russian heavy.

    1. Shadowhunter says:

      Actually, I take back what I said. 200 pen on my ravioli should be able to punch through the tanks unangled upper and lower glacis. Also can maybe punch through the turret front

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