Progetto m35 model 46 Review – WoT Tier 8 Italian Premium Tank


We have a review of the new premium from the founder of the FILO Clan group so our thank’s go to him and the FILO family so we have this from this Page.

POSTED BY Nikita April 6, 2018

To be honest, I feel quite special that my first ever review as a CC for WarGaming is a tank like the Progetto 46.  It’s really unlike anything in the game currently and is almost as radical as the S-Tanks were when they were first introduced.

To my knowledge, the Progetto 46 is the first ever tier 8 tank to be the first to represent a new nation – this is a spot normally reserved for tier 6 vehicles. This one is a fully-fledged tier 8 medium tank and wow, what a start to the Italian line this vehicle is proving to be.

I’m quite a fan of medium tanks and whilst I prefer the scrappers that let you get in close and personal, this tank will very often get you dead quickly, if you don’t treat her with some respect. She’s fast – 55kph top speed and hits that very quickly – but make sure you appreciate the speed as you’ll find yourself getting to the fight at the same time as the lights – you’re just a bigger target for the enemy to shoot at than they are! Make sure you use this tanks agility to get you in and out to cover as quickly as possible.

The armour isn’t anything to write home about – 1400 hit-points and 60/30/20 hull armour with 80/60/25 turret.  The turret is, I’ve found, quite bouncy but the rest of the vehicle, even when angled, is pretty easy to penetrate.  Best trying for hull-down positions or something behind which you can poke – you know it makes sense!



The new ‘auto-reloading’ mechanic.

Where this tank really shines is the gun and brand-new loading mechanics. It’s only a 90mm gun with 212 pen and 240 average DPS – but this one is also an auto-reloader! This is a completely new mechanic to the game and shouldn’t be confused with auto-loaders – because it’s nothing like them. The gun is capable of having 3-rounds ‘pre-loaded’ and ready to fire – either single shots with (at best I believe) a 6.60 second per shell reload time or as a ‘clip style’ rapid fire with 2.00 seconds between each of the three shells.

The fun with this gun comes when you decide to fire two rounds – or fire again before the reload of any round is complete.   When you fire, the auto-reloader starts to pre-load the next round but if you fire again, the reload is aborted and restarts after the shot is taken.  The reload timer is reset and the time already used is added to the standard reload time and hey-presto – you have your new reload time.  Simple eh?

This happens again should you choose to fire the third shell and then you’re left with the maximum reload time of around 24 seconds for three new rounds (with the spec I had it set up in the picture – skills+perks+modules).  However, should you choose to fire again after the first of your new rounds is loaded – the process starts over again!

Now you’re thinking ‘that’s just stupidly complicated’ – well yes, it’s complicated but to be honest, it’s possibly the best reloading mechanic in the game.  It beats single shot guns hands down due to it’s ability to fire 3 rounds in 4 seconds – but it’s also pretty good as a single shot gun with the 6.60 second reload.  But it’s better than the magazine auto-loaders because you’re only ever waiting around 10 seconds max for one round to be reloaded – at which point you can either choose to fire again or wait for a second or even third round to be pre-loaded too.

This mechanic gives you options and lets you really react to opportunities as they present themselves.  You track a tank in a good position, dump the other two shells in as well and then take cover.  Left that enemy vehicle and 5 hitpoints? Don’t be frustrated waiting for that single shot reload any more – just dump the second round into it, take the kill and move on!

In conclusion.

With a great turn of pace and agility and the ability to do single or multi shot damage giving superb situational options, this tank with it’s new gun mechanics is a lot of fun to play!  I see a great future for it in the game and if the main Italian line uses the same auto-reloading mechanic – I can’t wait to get the tier 10 version!!  You really do want the Progetto m35 model 46 in your garage – so keep your eyes open for further news and a release date.


Hope you enjoyed my first review – please let me know in the comments section.



Founder of the FILO Community & WG EU CC

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