60TP Lewandowskiego tier X Polish Heavy

The 60TP Lewandowskiego with its final model and textures in the wild on the new Polish map “Studzianki” from 1.1 test server. Also at the end the stat page.Click for full size.

The H.E.A.T is the selected ammunition.

60TP Lewandowskiego Watermarked

Pics,WoT Express. Stats RSR.

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60TP Lewandowskiego tier X Polish Heavy

10 thoughts on “60TP Lewandowskiego tier X Polish Heavy

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a real fun tank to play, just gotta mind the flat areas on the turret ring. A well placed shot will pen with ease.

  2. Jan Kowalski says:

    I’m a bit undecided about the tank. It seems pretty OK, but nothing special. The HE nerf (was 1100 dmg, now its 950dmg) is a bit sad, as that was something special and now it’s just another 150mm gun, but with weak premium shell (why?).

  3. banjoman150 says:

    Imo the biggest weakness of E100 in hightier gameply is the turret. Since this tank does basically everything the E100 does without the turret weakspot.

    I think it will replace the E100 in CW and other competetive modes. For regular players the difference should be small enough that it doesnt immediately outclass the E100 in every way.

    Still i think its a bad thing to keep releasing good tanks all the time without giving those who are around alot longer the needed attention and check if a slight buff would be in order.

    E100 isnt a bad tank statistically so i doubt it would get buffed even if they were on their toes about powercreep but still …

  4. LewdPrincess says:

    Played this for about 25 battles, It’s a hard hitting gun but it’s also unreliable, same goes with the armour.. it’s tough but negatable and gets taken out easily, even with HE you get hit for 300-400 from enemy 60TP’s.

  5. Serbson says:

    Is there any polish tank which is realistic? i mean besides from blueprints or is it most made up WG shit ? never heard of polish tank production during ww2 or during post war years thats why iam wondering

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