Supertest: The Super Chaffee

The М24Е2 Super Chaffee American Tier VI light tank is coming to the Supertest.


This vehicle comes equipped with a 75mm gun that deals 115 damage per shot.  The standard AP shell is capable of penetrating as much as 120 mm of armor, and its special APCR shell can penetrate 155 mm. The gun is well stabilized, and its accuracy is 0.44, aiming time 1.7 s, and reload time 4 s. The vehicle’s view range is 380 m.

The tank reaches speeds up to 56 km/h and has a specific power of 28.7 h.p./t The vehicle’s durability is 670 HP. At the same time, the vehicle’s armor is similar to other light tanks of the same tier, which means it should not be relied on too frequently.

What makes the М24Е2 Super Chaffee stand out are its high rate of fire, stabilized gun, and good mobility. It can play the role of a light tank and provide support to allies.

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Supertest: The Super Chaffee

9 thoughts on “Supertest: The Super Chaffee

  1. the good old FAKE Elited Chaffee from early WoT years, but this time is even worse because the gun that used to be a 76mm caliber cannon, and still is a 76mm cannon on the T37 in the game, magically became a 75mm caliber gun that never existed
    I’ve compared the renders with the T37 and the gun is the same model and length of the stock gun on the T37 (76mm T94), that would mean this is a 75mm L/52 barrel, the Americans didn’t bother making new 75mm guns and the longest was 40 calibers in length (L/40) which was the gun on the Sherman and both guns from the Chaffee
    anything of caliber 75mm in the US Army inventory that is not from the 75mm M3 family or the old pre-war 75mm cannons, would be the 75mm recoiless rifles or the ARES 75mm smoothbore from the 70’s/80’s

    conclusion: it is fake

  2. Jon says: it’s a premium T37.

    2.Why are they giving American 75/76mm guns the horrible accuracy like the Russian 122mm guns? For reference we didn’t use the British 17pdr because our proving grounds thought it was too inaccurate compared to the 76mm M1. Which wargaming also nerfed the hell out of its accuracy.

    1. not exactly and the US Army did receive about 80 M4A3 standardized with 17pdrs but that is a whole different discussion
      the reason did not have to do with the 76mm being more or less accurate than the 17pdr, the real reason was that at the distance the US tank crews were taught to engage the enemy both guns were perfectly capable of defeating the Tigers and Panthers

      in reality the only reason that could lead the US Army to adopt the 17pdr would be if it were accurate enough at its maximum effective range which it was not, at those ranges the 76mm was simply innefective and the 76mm could be twice as accurate as the 17pdr and yet the 17pdr would still be chosen if it passed the minimum requirements

      the US Army tank combat doctrine was actually quite conservative, if suddenly they gained the capability of engaging in even safer manner they would immediatly accept it

  3. Das_Flamingo says:

    So, instead of getting the Chilean Stuart with the 60mm Hyper Velocity Otobreda, or the X1A from Brazil with the 90mm Low Pressure DEFA cannon, we get a copy paste vehicle. So many awesome, quirky vehicles out there that aren’t lazy copy paste or straight up fantasy tanks… 10 year anniversary events are supposed to feel amazing. So far this just feels underwhelming.

  4. czarbuckz says:

    …and this is going to last how long in a match with those wheeled garbage trucks in the game? Keep adding more lights so that the game is more fun, it’s fun to run for your life all damn match because you never go dark anymore.

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